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  1. Sorry, I just read that it will automatically become firm on July third. So no action is required on my end, right?
  2. I'm kind of confused as to how this process works. My deadline to accept/provisionally accept/decline the Dual JD offer was on June 22, 2019. I have chosen to provisionally accept the offer because I am currently on the waitlist for the single JD at Windsor and I still want to be considered for that. However, my OLSAS says (under my provisional acceptance) that the offer expires on July 3rd, 2019. Does this mean I have to firmly accept by this date and will be taken off the wait list for the single?
  3. Through e-mail first, portal didn’t show up as “Admitted” until the following day.
  4. Waitlisted last week: L2: 3.2ish LSAT: 155
  5. Waitlisted today: L90: i think around 3.2 LSAT: 155 Anxiously waiting now!
  6. Anybody else have this? Every time I checked, it said "referred for review" but today it changed to "pending review"...... doesn't it usually go in the opposite direction? Lol!
  7. You can e-mail admissions and ask them, I'm sure they would be happy to add it to your file if you provide it to them in the e-mail.
  8. For those who don't mind sharing, I was wondering if anyone wanted to share their membership in historically disadvantaged groups (described under "access" for many schools). How did you guys go about explaining this topic/including it in your personal statement?
  9. Thank you for the response. Honestly, my parents are the owners and no body outside of our immediate family are in high positions. My parents are the owners, and my siblings and I have all taken on management/leadership positions.
  10. Sorry, getting into law school.
  11. I was just wondering how one would go about talking about work experience/getting work-related references if you have co-managed a family business and don’t have much work experience outside of that? I’ve taken on management roles in two family businesses (a restaurant and a floral/wedding decor company) and I was wondering if this puts me at a disadvantage given that I have only really worked with my family in building these businesses?
  12. Congrats! Does Ottawa do drops on cGPA’s?
  13. Needing to boost my GPA, but have already graduated. Is it better to get a second degree or to take another full course load year as a continuing student? I understand some schools do not consider these marks, but does anybody have any insight as to which schools do consider? From other threads I've learned Western considers second degrees, but any others?
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