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  1. Last year, McT interviewed all candidates (those who applied for 2017 and 2018) together and invited them to the same dinner and hockey game. Can't tell for other firms, but it is hard to imagine that they would have separate processes. Theoretically, the year you apply for may affect the odds (i.e. they may need 2 articling students for 2018 and 10 for 2019).
  2. I study law at McGill. There are some highly competitive individuals who can be unpleasant at times (they do not seem to have many friends though), but the general environment at the faculty is not cut-throat. I know a bunch of very nice people who share notes and other useful information, many students form study groups to split the readings, etc. Also, I spent a summer working in Toronto with 2Ls from Ontario Schools. What can I say... McGill crowd is way more chill than the UoT people that I met. I mean no offence to the latter.
  3. Thanks for the info jjmm. Congrats!!!
  4. Hi, could you please tell me how they communicate the offers? Is it via e-mail or by phone? Thanks! Also, does anybody know whether the FC notifies the candidates who had interviews but were refused?
  5. I got a call from Norton Rose earlier today (McGill).
  6. Davies called McGill students on Thursday (February 11).
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