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  1. No, a lot have already called but some could go late into next week. I was talking to an intern who's friend got called and he himself was only called several days later because the partner that had to make the decision had a case in saguenay. Time really isn't that much of an indication. Severall events we don't know about could have made it impossible for them to call even if they had planned to.
  2. Someone posted on the CDP | Course aux stages group that they had called some last night
  3. Nothing yet. Did anyone even get a confirmation that their application had been received?
  4. une amie vient tout juste de recevoir un appel d'eux... apparemment aucun moment n'est safe ahahahah
  5. Bon mation, Clyde & Co et Woods ont commencé leurs appels.
  6. Sometimes, but also you have to consider that, while some firms review all applications as a whole, others will review one school at a time. Some firms will also wait to have reviewed all the applications before they call anyone while others will start calling people as they go through applications. There are so many factors that can affect how soon you receive a call. Best of luck!
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