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  1. Interesting I didn't know that work experience even unrelated to Law was significant. I currently have about 12 months of work experience already, in Sales and Customer Service roles. Yeah, I don't really care about the university, I grew up not caring about it since I grew up around the world, so places mean nothing to me. The co-op is the reason I chose ARBUS instead of just Arts, since regular Arts has no co-op. I was also considering switching into EB, or SB, but I don't have the course required for SB yet, but I will look into it now, and just take it (My bio mark was like 73, but I need a 75 it seems, so Summer School upgrade probably?) I don't think Waterloo's since faculty cares about repeats in Science any ways so that will be fine. There is no Health option + Business, but my Arts and Business program is only 40% of required courses and the other 60% can be used on any other class, so I could do a double Major in Honours Arts and Business - Psychology and maybe something else like Environment and Business as well, I'm sure I can get them to let me do that without a problem, so that could be another option maybe? Psych + Environment and Business. So many damn options, makes it so hard to decide! Thank you Baron, I actually saved the whole thread after reading Hegdis's post haha. Yeah lurking but probably like once every 2 weeks, so I'm not up to date on everything here, but I come and read the questions people have usually. Yeah I agree with you on everything, I don't know how to articulate myself as well as you yet, but one of the reasons I really like the Law is that following it is fun for me, and proving to people they are wrong, or getting people to see it from my point of view, is what I like about it. It gives you a way to express your point of view, and whoever does it better wins, that's something I really find interesting, not even to win, but just to see all the ways you can do something. Nice, a lot of people that I've spoken to, told me to do something I don't like, so I can explore my interests, but everyone here is saying to do something I like so the grades would be easier to obtain. I will do something in the Arts and Business field though, that much is nearly certain, just don't know what. Yeah if I don't get into Law school with the Arts degree, I'll do a Masters and then a PhD in Economics or Psychology. Psychologists can make pretty good money, as well as Economists with PhD's, and that's something I'd be interested in as well. I was actually planning, but this is way far into the future, to do a JD+MA in Global Affairs or International Relations, something along those lines. I'd love to be a Crown Attorney, I'm not really worried about money since it's always been there for me, I'm more interested in the Justice part of it. I could also always go and do Medicine as well, or things like Education Directors, even become a Teacher, so there's a lot of different paths for me specifically since I'm interested in a lot of things for now. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for the responses everyone, loved to read them, lots of great advice in here, cleared up my mind quite a bit! I'll be lurking here more often from now on and try to interact as much as I can!
  2. Oh fuck. Well, what's done is done, oh well. And thanks, I was worried!
  3. Hey Radche, thanks for taking the time to reply. Alright, yeah that's what I thought most people would say. The job thing, I'm not really worried since I don't plan on working for a while, my parents are fortunate enough to allow me to try my hand at Law, but if that doesn't work out, they'll find me something to do in our Family business (Real Estate). So that's another reason I guess why I'm so lost, it's probably not hitting me as much as it should! Yeah, welcome to my life, I've done so much but really feel like I've done nothing! Yeah, most of the courses in Arts are electives, so I will definitely try other areas out, in Waterloo only 40% of your Major is Arts courses, and the rest 60% come from Electives mostly, save for a few required ones. I'll try my hand at some Maths and Sciences (Biotech probably) and see how that goes. Yeah, I've been doing a lot of independent things since 2014. Interesting tidbit about the volunteering with real problems, so you mean like Legal Aid offices, or maybe at a Law Firm? I've talked to a few about it and they said they'd be happy to let me volunteer with them. (I made some contacts because my own Legal problems and they're pretty cool about it). I was charged for Weapons, and I just read that a previous charge, could impact your ability to get into Law School, is this something else to consider, or do you think I would be fine? The specifics of my case were basically, the Weapon in question (common tool found in any garage) was never used and always kept in my backpack, and I was arrested for it after the Police took 6 hours to "do an investigation" but came up with nothing that proved I intended to harm anyone and endanger public peace. I was in school for about 1 minute and 30 seconds, before I was being detained, so "nothing happened" but I was still charged. Do Law Schools allow you to explain this, or do they automatically disqualify you?
  4. Hey everyone, I've been lurking this site for like 2 years now, finally have a reason to post here though... I'm almost 20, and just about to start my undergrad (I had legal problems of my own, but they should be dealt with by April (I won)). I'm really interested in Politics and Law, I love talking to people and understanding them. So far I've applied to a few Undergraduate programs: York: Law and Society, Business and Society, Financial and Business Economics Waterloo: Honours Arts and Business [Psychology], Public Health, and Environment and Business Guelph: Criminology, Psychology Brock: BBA Ryerson: Business Management My high school average is 98%, mainly Politics, Business, and Law classes, so I have a pretty good feeling that my GPA in University will be extremely high as well, if that means anything. So as you can tell, my interests are all over the place, I just can't decide what I really want to hone in on... I would love to do Criminal Law because I have had a lot of experience with that over the past 2 years, and I've read the entire Criminal Code and a bunch of books about Criminal Law and I've basically fallen in love with it, specifically the Defense aspect of it. I love being able to navigate and circumvent "rules", I sort of have a knack for it, since I was like 10. But I also love Health care, and Business... I would love to be part of a Hospital's counsel, or even Corporate counsel. I don't even know why I'm writing this, but I guess I'm just wondering, what did you guys do for your undergrad, and why? Did you guys know what you wanted to specialize in right away, or did you just take a chance at something and went flying with it? If you picked something and then decided to switch, what did you switch too and why? I'm currently leaning towards University of Waterloo's Honours Arts and Business Program with Co-op because Psychology really interests me and I think it might be useful for Criminal Law especially, and the fact that Waterloo has a pretty well know Psychology program world wide. Also, the place is filled with important people, and I love the small city vibe it gives off especially around the University. (I live in a city of 650,000 people). So those are the things influencing my decision right now mainly. I don't really care about the university, just the program really, and if it will be interesting or not. Wondering if you guys have any thoughts about this, or am I just over thinking things and need to shut the hell up? Lol
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