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  1. Last year I didn't get my confirmation email till early December. They have a lot of applications to go through and create an online profile on OASIS profile. They will get to your applications eventually. You should not be stressing at this point yet.
  2. Relax, it takes time for the schools to compile all documents and set you up with an account to check the progress of your application. Usually Osgoode sends their emails at the end of Nov. or in Dec.
  3. I found that sometimes if I felt like I was losing focus I would just take a 5-10 second break and just close my eyes and clear my head. Yes you lose 5-10 seconds but its better than blankly staring at a question or reading a question and not understanding the first or second time what you're being asked.
  4. Is there any difference between gmail and hotmail? I have a professional looking hotmail account that I've used for about 8 years now. Is gmail really that much better?
  5. This is a general transfer question for any school in ON. Can you transfer after your second year for your final year at a school? I was just browsing through Osgoode's transfer page and they said at minimum you need to have completed 1L. So would that mean someone going into their final year could finish their degree at Osgoode or any other ON law school?
  6. Since when is 3.69 cGPA not considered good? I would've killed to have those stats during my first application cycle.
  7. Anybody know some good priced internet providers in the area? I know Bell and Rogers will be available but they'll probably be more expensive even with a student discount as opposed to some smaller companies. I will be streaming sports and such and occasionally doing some gaming.
  8. Accepted off the waitlist cGPA: 3.44 L2: 3.67 LSAT: 159 Will be accepting
  9. Would you be willing to share who they were? And yea I agree I like to type my notes because you can edit and organize them much more quickly
  10. Not sure if this is true but I read in another post that some profs at Queens enforce a laptop ban. Did anyone in 1L experience this?
  11. How far are you willing to go away from campus? I believe there are some apartments available in the West End but they are a longer commute. However, they may be a bit cheaper than those closer to campus.
  12. Since this schedule is two years old, I was wondering if anything has changed in terms of events, etc?
  13. Was wondering if some current 2 or 3Ls and former Queen's Law students can talk about what to expect at Orientation in terms of what events will be taking place, etc. I haven't been able to find much info for the past years and we haven't received any info from the school just yet.
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