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  1. sucheese

    Accepted to Calgary 2019

    Accepted today cGPA: 3.44, L2: 3.67 (OLSAS stats) LSAT: 159 (highest) Have been accepted in my home province so I have some thinking to do 🤔. Good luck to those waiting.
  2. sucheese

    Accepted to Queens 2019

    Accepted Jan 29th cGPA: 3.44 L2: 3.67 LSAT: 159 General Category Third time's a charm.
  3. What's the process for reviewing applications for the joint programs such as the JD/MES, etc. Are those files viewed the same as a normal JD applican? For example, I know that someone in the first year of their MES program can apply for the MES/JD program, so would the committee look at the applicant;s graduate transcripts, any program documents they submit regarding research projects, etc? Thanks again
  4. sucheese

    Does Master's GPA count?

    It may not be counted part of the GPA but it could be helpful for your chances if you're pursuing a certain area of law and how well you can sell it on you PS. For example if you want to practice enviro law maybe doing a masters in some sort of enviro sciences could be seen as a positive albeit soft factor. Not sure if it is a viable way though. Best way is to go back do some more courses do boost your GPA if you can.
  5. sucheese

    Still Referred to Admissions Committee

    still referred for the dual. Applied at the start of May.
  6. sucheese

    Law School Debt

    Even higher if you're doing the Dual JD at windsor. Tuition is about 45K per year
  7. sucheese

    York Strike Problem

    Well I wasn't born yet
  8. sucheese

    Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    Ughhhhhhhh really wonder whats taking so long
  9. sucheese

    York Strike Problem

    While I agree anything can happen, I doubt the NDP will go against one of their biggest partners. Dont quote me on this but I believe they tried it. I'll have to look around when I have some time.
  10. sucheese

    York Strike Problem

    There have been negotiations during the strike but the results stayed the same. Both parties cant come to an agreement and arbitration seems like the only way to end this. If the union truly believes that what they are asking for is reasonable then they should feel confident in their case. Yet, they have refused calls to have a third party make the decision. And if the NDP do form a government, regardless of what has happened regarding negotiations, they will never file back to work legislation.
  11. sucheese

    York Strike Problem

    Haven't they been doing that and those deadlines just keep getting pushed?
  12. sucheese

    York Strike Problem

    I mean at some point negotiating becomes a waste of time if both parties can't agree. The strike has been going on since March (I believe?). If they can't figure their shit out after 3 months one more try won't change anything.
  13. sucheese

    York Strike Problem

    The latest letter by York to CUPE http://labour.yorku.ca/2018/06/03/cupe-3903-insists-on-demands-that-prevent-arbitration-and-quick-end-to-strike/#more-2036
  14. sucheese

    Suits For Men

    Anyone know a good tailor in Brampton?
  15. sucheese

    Is Anyone's Application Still Under Pending?

    B2: 3.67 LSAT: 159 (highest)