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  1. Divorce law practice near The Bridal Path
  2. You’ll never get an accurate number from using just this site alone.
  3. I understand the similarities with Lakehead’s program, however, I attribute that more to the practicalities/difficulties in getting articles for those in northern Ontario. Lakehead still staying away the bootcamps...
  4. https://www.lawtimesnews.com/author/anita-balakrishnan/ryerson-law-school-plan-would-let-students-skip-articling-17169/ The current path to becoming a lawyer in Ontario requires 3 years of school plus 10 months of articling. Somehow, Ryerson says that they will reduce their school to 2.5 years and place students for 4 months and *boom* they will be lawyers. Can someone explain how this makes any sense?? Don't get me started that their courses/bootcamps will ensure a top-tier legal education in coding and EQ....
  5. When Kraag/Zverina taught this course, it was very interesting.
  6. Sure, but even still DO NOT cold email articling students to talk about jobs or even law school before you start law school or even if first semester 1L
  7. Too early as a 0L. Wait till at least second semester as 1L or summer after 1L is perfectly normal.
  8. Since when does Minden hire summer students?
  9. Also need to consider that Ottawa law building is a dump and not big enough to host all law classes and McGill has a dedicated building (and ultimately, is a better school!)
  10. Same thing happened a few years back with them and they went big in the 1L recruit...
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