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  1. I just received the 2 diplomas in the mail from LSO. Does anyone have any information about ordering frames? Usually, we would get these at the Call to the Bar ceremony.
  2. Blaneys did not hire back and nothing from Cassels yet
  3. McCague Borlack didn't hire anyone back.
  4. heard Gowlings and dentons hired back. don't know numbers
  5. Have any firms hired back? If so, what are the numbers like?
  6. I (and others) I know received a PASS in red. Chill lol
  7. Blakes has always been around that number. Big jump for Osler.
  8. Supply and demand theory actually suggests law school is overall too cheap across the country. (Exhibit A: articling crisis)
  9. Okay - fair point too. So flip it and have the 0-74 lawyer group go in the fall. How many students are taking chances to wait it out for winter recruit? (Not saying I think this would work... just trying to spur some ideas)
  10. Fair point. Could this be resolved by having a fall recruit for firms with 75+ lawyers and a winter recruit for firms with 0-74 lawyers?
  11. I agree. I actually think it could alleviate the stress and potentially help avoid candidates "striking out" if the firms can just straight up ask first choice.
  12. How do you address the 6 week span that OCI occur in? Does the in-firm process start right after OCI #1 or does it only begin as of a set date? If it is the latter, then would this not just create an in-firm process where all firms try to line up candidates on days 1 and 2?
  13. Been following the other threads on here the past couple of days and very interested in the discussion / debate. So here goes... I'd like to see what you guys would do if you were to create a new OCI process (from scratch or modification from the current). What would it look like? Try to keep it to 6 or fewer bullet points / steps.
  14. Go do your readings. Take a week off the job recruit - start again.
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