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  1. Supply and demand theory actually suggests law school is overall too cheap across the country. (Exhibit A: articling crisis)
  2. Okay - fair point too. So flip it and have the 0-74 lawyer group go in the fall. How many students are taking chances to wait it out for winter recruit? (Not saying I think this would work... just trying to spur some ideas)
  3. Fair point. Could this be resolved by having a fall recruit for firms with 75+ lawyers and a winter recruit for firms with 0-74 lawyers?
  4. I agree. I actually think it could alleviate the stress and potentially help avoid candidates "striking out" if the firms can just straight up ask first choice.
  5. How do you address the 6 week span that OCI occur in? Does the in-firm process start right after OCI #1 or does it only begin as of a set date? If it is the latter, then would this not just create an in-firm process where all firms try to line up candidates on days 1 and 2?
  6. Been following the other threads on here the past couple of days and very interested in the discussion / debate. So here goes... I'd like to see what you guys would do if you were to create a new OCI process (from scratch or modification from the current). What would it look like? Try to keep it to 6 or fewer bullet points / steps.
  7. Go do your readings. Take a week off the job recruit - start again.
  8. CHILL. NOW. Normal progression of a lawyer's career: 1) Graduate law school 2) Get a job. A job. any job. 3) Get called to the bar. 4) Learn what the law actually is. 5) Learn how to be a lawyer 6a) Build a book of business 6b) Leave private practice. You need to focus on where you are at right now. You are at 0.
  9. 8-10pm depending on workload. Friday’s usually by 5
  10. Still waiting for the annual “should I wear a poppy or does that mean I support war?” question...
  11. You don't reject. You take it into the PATH and dispose of it. You don't need to worry about it fitting if your school bag / briefcase / carry on luggage that you plan on bringing.
  12. Not to sound wasteful, but if a firm gives you something and you can't carry it around, ditch it. The firm is not going to expect you to come back to them on day 2 with proof you still have their stress ball as a pre-condition to them hiring you. Seriously - a major part of this process is being able to pick up on social cues and reacting. If you are going to be this robotic, you may be in for a struggle.
  13. Divorce law practice near The Bridal Path
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