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  1. Pretty sure you'll have to do one. I did high school in English and did my first degree at McGill. (I didn't do CÉGEP because I went to school in another province). I had to do a standardized French test (TFI) and a written French test at UdeM before studying there.
  2. Est-ce que l'un de vous a appliqué au DPCP? Si oui, avez-vous eu des nouvelles?
  3. Quelqu'un a eu des nouvelles du DPCP?
  4. Just got accepted off the wait list!
  5. Waitlisted today: cGPA: 3.7 LSAT: 156 Strong softs and personal statement. I think I will be keeping my name on the waiting list.
  6. No, I didn't. Apparently, the reason is that I had cancelled my application to the dual MIR/JD program, and that automatically transferred over to my application for the JD program. Luckily, they reversed the cancellation and reviewed my file. I have since been waitlisted.
  7. My status was changed to: You have cancelled your application to this program. I NEVER DID. I'm very angry, and have called them and left a message asking why my application was cancelled, when I never asked for it to be. I had declined all of my other offers from Ontario schools, so that should not have played a part at all. Even though at this point, I don't want to go to Queen's, I paid an application fee and am pretty upset that they would take the liberty of cancelling my application when I never asked them to.
  8. Not sure I'll accept. I'd already accepted U de M. Going to Ottawa would be a lot more expensive and finding out this late in the admission cycle is difficult because I'd been planning as if I were staying in Montreal. In the mean time, I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for an acceptance off the wait list at McGill. We shall see!
  9. Got accepted into the PDC now. I'd already declined the English JD and Civil Law programs.
  10. For those accepted, which section did you guys register for?
  11. Ok, seriously. What is taking UBC sooooo long to respond??
  12. I know a number of people, including myself, have been waitlisted. I thought it might be helpful to have a thread going, just to see if/how much movement there is on the waitlist. My stats: -Mature applicant -Quebec university grad -Bachelor's GPA: 3.81 (from McGill) -LSAT: 156 (my achilles heel lol!) -Trilingual (completely fluent in French) -Very strong LORs, work experience, volunteer experience, and a good personal statement, in my opinion. French interview on May 12, and waitlisted on May 13. Feel free to post with updates!
  13. Congrats! Are you guys accepting?
  14. Just gave up my spot, and really hoping one of you gets an acceptance soon!
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