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  1. W is given for withdrawing a class. I took an elective that I found interesting, but it isn't in align with my long term goals and is somewhat of a gpa killer. The deadline is November 15. I emailed the admissions office and they said: "We need either a mark or a grade in a class in order to use it in GPA calculations and credit counts". Am I to assume that them seeing a 'w' will not have any negative effects? Thanks
  2. Source - https://law.uwo.ca/future_students/jd_admissions/class_of_2020_profile.html For example the U of S website distinctly says that they prefer applications from Saskatchewan whereas the U of WO does not. To me 85.6% seems like a lot. Or am I just overthinking it? I'm not a resident of Ontario, so i'm curious if this is a factor I should take into consideration.
  3. I am looking towards applying to certain schools and I have always wanted to work in BC. Due to many reasons I won't be able to go to either UBC or U of Vic. If I study in any other province will I be required to practice in that one province as in write the bar exam there? As an example would it be possible to study law at the U of S and when I graduate, write the bar exam for BC (or any other province really) and practice there? Or will I be required to stay in Saskatchewan. Thanks!
  4. "Competitive applicants should have at least an “A-” average (GPA 3.7) in their best two years of their undergraduate degree program at a full course load" From the Queen's website. Also does Queen's take the Winter semester of the year you want to apply with (2020 for me) if said year is part of the best 2 years?
  5. Another question: They take the best 3 years so does that mean they will take the Winter Semester of your last year of your degree?
  6. Here's the link https://www.uvic.ca/law/assets/docs/admissfinaid/LSAT-GPA Demographic Chart.pdf I've been using these 2 sites which seem to have different values: https://students.arts.ubc.ca/advising/academic-performance/gpa-equivalency/ https://www.rapidtables.com/calc/grade/gpa-to-letter-grade-calculator.html Thanks!
  7. So what % is 3.39? Sorry if i'm not following.
  8. It seems weird because that was the average gpa for the 2016 year, but in an e-mail Doreen said 3.7 is 80%.
  9. Ok, so i'm wondering how the U of S looks at transcript marks. I plan to apply in 2018 using the marks of my second year and third year. Thing is I want to hand in my application as soon as possible which would be October 15th of 2017 and the deadline being February 1, 2018. By handing in my application at that point (both Oct 15, 2017 and Feb 1, 2018) I won't be done my third year of university, which is what I want my grade to calculated from (including second year). The admissions officer told me that they use the 2 best years, but how will that work out on my application if i'm not done one of them (third year). I don't want them to use my first year because it's simply not good enough. EDIT: For clarification a full term in the context of applying to Law at the U of S, is 4 subjects a semester right? Each year needs 24 credits which is 8 classes time 3 credits :/ ?
  10. Well I already do volunteering, just wondering if it was something I should include.
  11. Well it says in the email I got from the Head of Admissions that 80% is 3.7. You should e-mail them and I don't know how they calculate it either.
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