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  1. I received an infirm interview offer from Perley-Robertson on January 30th (I am participating in London's OCIs). I don't see any mention of Perley on here so I thought I would share. Also is it common for firms to send you an email even if you're not successful? Brazeau emailed me thanking me for my interest, but was unable to offer me an interview. I think it helps to know where we stand. Just looking for some input on this!
  2. I was not on the wait list. I'm going to visit this weekend and see before i confirm! I have two weeks to give my notice.
  3. Accepted this afternoon, shocked and now totally conflicted since i didn't see this coming! LSAT: 160 L2: 3.80 cGPA: 3.20 Good luck everyone!!
  4. Wait listed sometime between yesterday afternoon and this morning. Notified via info web. Will most likely cancel my application in the next few days. L2: 3.80 LSAT: 160
  5. Hi! Do most students use kijiji to find housing in Hali?
  6. declined my spot this morning, good luck all!
  7. Ya! So it was some time mid-January. I feel like it said "Referred to Admissions Committee" for at least five or six weeks.
  8. Sure! Lots of volunteer work at my University all four years including the law society, gender & crime lab, notetaking etc. and at the MAG. Some community involvement and employed as a teaching assistant in my last year and legal assistant for the last four years.
  9. My status changed to Accepted Final sometime between this morning and yesterday afternoon. LSAT: 160 GPA as per Windsor Application: 79% Good luck friends!
  10. Accepted via phone call/bear tracks today L2: 3.80/4.0 LSAT: 160
  11. I have declined my spot this morning, I hope it goes to someone wait listed on this forum! Good luck everyone!!
  12. Anyone accepted in Jan with a December LSAT?
  13. Received my email from Rose half hour ago, accepted! I was never sent an 'under review' email. My second reference letter was actually only received on Wednesday, there was an issue when my Referees originally sent them in October. Beyond thrilled!! Dal is definitely one of my top choices. LSAT: 160 (Dec 15) L2: 3.80 decisions, decisions!
  14. Super late to post, accepted as of January 13th! L2: 3.80 LSAT (Dec 15): 160 Very excited but still waiting to hear from other schools.
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