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  1. Hi, I'm heading into 4th year and planning to take the LSAT this fall and apply to law school by Dec 1 (that is, if I do well on the LSAT). I have a few questions about the whole process of preparing and applying for law school: 1. When should I request my transcripts? Can I request them later in Oct, when I get my test results back? 2. I haven't paid my CAS fee yet. My understanding is that my transcripts will not be processed anyway unless I pay this fee. Can I pay this later in Oct as well? Does it matter when I pay this? 3. If I request my transcript now, which will only show my 3rd year grades, and I decide to apply to law school later (in case my LSAT score is low), will my transcript be updated to show my 4th year grades, or would I have to re-request for my transcripts? 4. I registered to take my LSAT at UBC, but I can't seem to find the exact location (building, room #) on LSAC? Can someone help me out with this? Any fellow LSAT takers??
  2. Where can I buy prep tests all at once for a low price instead of buying them one by one? Are Amazon, Craigslist, Facebook excluded, are there any other resources I am not aware of?
  3. This may be a really obvious question, but are we not able to view, check, or edit our sin number we enter it into LSAC when making an account? (Except for the last 4 digits)
  4. Has anyone participated in the coop program in their undergrad? How helpful is it? I realize that it may not help me get into law school, but are the experiences helpful when finding articling positions once you're in law school? Would you recommend spending an extra year in school doing coop for someone who wants to go to law school?
  5. What's the difference between a JD and LLB? What are the pros and cons of each? If there is a difference, does the difference matter in Canada?
  6. My average is currenty 86% (I'm heading to 4th year) and I plan on studying for the LSAT this summer. If I feel like I need more than 3-4 months to study for the LSAT, and I want to increase my overall average, should I stay an extra year in school? What are your thoughts on taking 5 years to graduate? Can I apply for law school while in my 4th year, even if I plan to take an extra year to graduate? Any advice/previous experiences would be much appreciated!
  7. Will this look bad on my application? Is this a smart choice to make?
  8. Will it just be dropped when calculating my overall GPA? For UBC, for instance, where the 4 lowest grades are dropped, will the Credit/D/Fail course take the place of one of the four? (So if I have four 70s I want to drop, will Credit/D/Fail course allow me to only drop 3/4 courses I got 70 in?)
  9. UBC Law will drop my four lowest grades, but if I take a Credit/D/Fail course this summer, will this course be automatically included in the four grades UBC will drop from my transcript when calculating my average? Or, will the Credit/D/Fail course be ignored? (I have 4 really bad grades from taking courses that I should've dropped, so I cannot have a Credit/D/Fail course substitute any one of the 4 lowest grades)
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