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  1. Three Days Ago: "Incident being investigated as a hate crime." http://www.cbc.ca/player/play/2682233452 "A west-end Ottawa church with a largely black congregation was spray painted with racist graffiti ahead of a special service honouring Martin Luther King Jr."
  2. Thank you again Sixth. It appears that my detractors haven't even sought to fully read or even appreciate the substance/purpose of my posts... smh. 1) The articles cited focus upon REAL EVENTS which occurred in Ottawa, the "reputability" of the news source is irrelevant in this context. 2) This comment regarding a supposed "exodus of progressives" is based upon a failure to appreciate the nuances of my analysis of ethnic homogeneity in Ottawa. Furthermore, not all ethnic people are progressive, and vice versa Alas, I am sorry for rubbing anyone the wrong way... I can appreciate that they have never experienced what I have (thankfully), and never will (hopefully). If it is any consolation I suppose this is all a matter of "degrees." From my experience Ottawa is more racist than Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver. Just my two cents! Again, I am glad my posts have stimulated discussion. This appears to be a conversation Ottawans are uncomfortable in discussing.
  3. Thank you Sixth for your genuine and kind words of solidarity. The trivialization of my experiences by other forum members further corroborates my sentiments. I would like to reiterate that the University of Ottawa campus is by no means a reflection of the city of Ottawa more broadly, and that my experiences at the law school and with UOttawa students has been wonderful. But everyone should be aware that Ottawa is a very racist city. It's the sad truth
  4. My insights and the linked articles speak for themselves. Ottawa residents are fully aware of the manner in which non-whites are antagonized on a daily basis by the hostile majority. Hopefully my posts will raise awareness of the racist bigotry in Ottawa and allow its residents to engage in introspection regarding the way it is perceived by the outside world, and maybe adjust their behaviour. Thank you, and God bless Canada.
  5. I will personally meet and speak with anyone to substantiate my claims as well. That is how strongly I believe in my stance. To Ottawa's credit, minorities are safe on campus. It is diverse enough to blunt any bigoted tendencies from surfacing. But if you dare venture from the confines of the University of Ottawa campus and immediately adjacent areas you are in for a wake up call that racism is alive and well in our nation's capital, likely because of the reasons I have noted above. Here are articles attesting to the climate of racial prejudice in Ottawa, I am not making unsubstantiated claims: http://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2014/09/09/tim-uppal-racist-incident-multiculturalism_n_5790766.html http://www.dailyxtra.com/ottawa/news-and-ideas/ottawa-mural-defaced-with-hate-messages-157118 http://www.torontosun.com/news/canada/2011/03/10/17561111.html http://www.ottawasun.com/2015/06/09/ottawa-among-worst-cities-for-hate-crimes-statscan http://www.ottawasun.com/videos/1886430084001 Again, it is my theory that these expressions of bigotry emanate from the high level of homogeneity in Ottawa, which incubates a virulent form of racial prejudice and ethnic nationalism which does not exist in other urban cities in Canada.
  6. No, that statement was intended to control for the possibility of "classism." Just venting my friend! Thank you for your concern.
  7. Hey there, I am a 2L, originally from Montreal, and let me tell you a few things about our nation's capital, Ottawa... It is incredibly homogeneous and racist. I attribute this to the fact that it is a city of government workers and their children. Most educated ethnic minorities (usually first and second generation) do not aspire to be bureaucrats, so they generally gravitate to cosmopolitan urban centres with greater economic opportunities. What is left is a cesspool of over-educated middle-class people of European descent who give ethnic minorities dirty looks and cough in their direction. I AM DEAD SERIOUS. I have never seen such prejudice and blatant racism in my entire life, even when I visited my relatives in Savannah, Georgia. It appears as if the homogeneity within Ottawa has inculcated within this community a siege mentality and sense of ethnic superiority over anyone who appears "out of place" (I.e. non-white people). I am from an affluent family of University professors, dress well, am well groomed, and yet am subject to racist coughing, and looks of disdain as I walk down the street. The plus side is that I have done very well thus far, since I choose not to go out in public and be subjected to racial prejudice by the hostile white majority Racist coughing in 2016... Wow.
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