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  1. BI have graduated from the lakehead program, so take that for what you will. I have a job in the GTA (I just simply didn’t want to be in toronto), and most people I know who wanted to be in Toronto got jobs there, and even on Bay Street In the big firms. Obviously; our networking is more geared to northern Ontario, but lakehead offers MANY placements in southern Ontario, including for big firms, small firms, and the government and non profit environmental firms in Toronto. Also, there’s a job set up with BMO and BLG specifically for Bora Laskin students after 1L for the summer. Also, our tuition is fairly cheap comparatively, rent is MUCH cheaper in Thunder Bay than many places, there are many summer job oppourtunities here and the placement process exempts us from articling (which many of us have taken advantage of to get a leg up on traditional graduates)
  2. You can do both. There’s open placement where all students are sent a list of places that have signed up for the process and you apply to 4 of them and do interviews and rank which ones you liked the most. Then there are closed placements where you can go out and find your own - this can be anywhere in Ontario with any type of firm you want
  3. So are you trying to hire graduates of the law program, or get involved in the placement process? The placement process is done during 3rd year for 4 months. Kf if you want to get involved in the placement process, emailing lakehead law is your best bet (or calling). If you mean grads, no we don’t have a board, but if you want to hire a grad, again Id email the school with a job posting as our student services director sends out job ads every Friday
  4. Hey guys, I applied for a few crown positions in Ontario (deadline was May 4) anyone have an idea on when interview offers will be sent out and the other deadlines associated with crown articling positions?
  5. Yeah, as the poster above said... you could go back every 2-3 weeks, I don’t personally know of anyone who has done that, it’s a far trip to take, and the work can really pile up. Id also like to mention that lakehead is a great school to make friends at, the small class sizes ensure a close environment. By the first couple weeks you’ll have a great group of friends to hangout with outside of school (especially since the large majority will be in a new place alone as well). You won’t be feeling too lonely or going insane or whatever with everyone around to chat, hangout with or study with. Your experience will probably be great, but the move can definitely be scary.
  6. To add onto the other information, most students tend to not go home very often. About half or less go home at reading week, most wait till Christmas. It’s expensive and super time consuming to do that long travel for such a short period of time (not to mention all the work that you need to do). Flights round trip to Toronto are usually around$250 but if you book last minute they can be incredibly expensive. And a car is a good idea! Transit can be spotty here.
  7. This is a misconception of lakehead. One of the mandates is small town practice, but this just menas you’d have an opportunity to learn more about opening your own firm. In in terms of Bay Street, we have multiple grads working there, we also have students that do summer jobs on Bay st. Obviously, we’re the smallest law school in Ontario so our reach isn’t as far, but lakehead prepares you for all types and sizes of law firms. With the added bonus of placement instead of (or in addition to) articling, and a greater emphasis on honing practical legal skills rather than pure theory.
  8. Lakehead does what’s called the IPC curriculum, so we do a 4 month placement instead of articling. That said, there are plenty of those available in southern Ontario from Ottawa to Toronto to Oakville to London to Barrie etc. Also, many of our grads come to lakehead to go back to southern Ontario and it has not been difficult for us to find jobs, we have marketable skills that other law schools don’t provide. That said, up to you whether the small town vibe of Thunder Bay is something you’d like. But I’d say I’ve had a positive experience mostly at lakehead
  9. Damn that sucks.... I think lakehead is a little different in that approach which I’m happy with. I’d curl up and die if that happened to me in 1L.
  10. The wait list moves, usually after June.... how it moves no one is told, and it’s not ranked. You’ll just get a phone call randomly telling you you’ve been accepted
  11. FWIW lakeheads law library is incredibly quiet, we’re off the main campus so no SNAILS, and we have a small class population so it’s pretty empty most of the time, and everyone is super respectful of each other in there. Con: our library hours are hot garbage.
  12. A coupe do, but it’s not as scary as movies would make it out to be, no professor will hang you out to dry if you don’t know the answer. If they can tell you don’t know, most will prompt you with easier or more fundamental questions leading back to the original question but the vast majority of professors teach as any undergrad prof would. - lecturing
  13. 1. Salary ranges are hard to guess, most are negotiated. I would hazard a guess though that TB in general pays less, but that said you $ goes further here. Also, a lot of places will pay you based on your productivity or clients you have. An “eat what you kill” type situation. 2. I’m not sure on this one. 3. We don’t have a huge sample size to draw from (2 graduating classes) but I believe they were all able to find employment, if they left Thunder Bay most had to article, but a large majority of firms here are open to hiring as associates after we pas the bar (note: no government positions will hire you without articling) 4. Honestly, the private practice focus has essentially been tossed out the windows now. But, we do have seminars on how to start your own law business, and our focus on practical skills such as drafting and litigations skills would set us apart from Ottawa u - ie. If you want to set up your own practice, you’ll have more practical skills out of school from lakehead than you would from Ottawa. Also, we do have alumni who have set ups their own businesses right out of lawschool, and they’re always around to pick their brain if you wanted to 5. I actually think having another language would be useful. Depending On the language of course. We are having an influx of people from all over coming to Thunder Bay, and there could be a need for someone who speaks different languages to assist those communities.
  14. Just from my own experience getting a 1L job is hard, the hiring for 1L's where I am (Thunder Bay) was almost completely random. Many employers here weren't asking for grades, but many were asking questions to see if you'd fit in their firm or organization. Lots of questions like "what's your favourite and least favourite subject and why, what extracurriculars do you do, do you want to stay in Thunder Bay, what kind of law do you think you want to practice" etc. Also, many people in my year were able to take unpaid positions and get a grant from the school in order to make some money and get that experience they need. I'd say around 70% of my 1L class (60 people) are working in the legal field during this summer but again, I think especially for 1L there isn't too much differentiating us, so they seeemed to hire based on personality and whether you jive with the partners!
  15. Lol it's funny/horrifying that they did this, especially considering the capacity restraints of our small classrooms, faculty etc. It'll be interesting to see how the first week or so goes.
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