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  1. I 've had no indication that my classes at U of T were taught in a way that was meaningfully different from any of the law students I've met at other Canadian law schools.
  2. This is just uninformed. UBC is probably the first or second best bang for your buck as far as Canadian law schools go. The cost of a JD at UBC is almost certainly less than the cost of a single year of an American law school. Tuition at the University of Texas is $54,000 USD, equivalent to roughly $72,000 Canadian. Tuition at UBC is just below $13,000 Canadian. I'm sure U Texas offers financial aid and scholarships, etc. but so does UBC and I'll be stunned if American schools will offer anywhere near enough to close the gap. While I'm sure Texas is cheaper to live in than Van I very much doubt it's anywhere near enough to make up for the stark difference in tuition. Not to mention unless OP is independently wealthy or has access to family money they may have a lot of difficulty financing an American degree.
  3. Don't waste your time. It's the better part of a year away and the tests are mostly a matter of being able to flip through the material quickly. Wait until the material for your exams come and then update old indexes or make your own. In the six months or so before that, look for a job or do something you'll enjoy if money isn't a concern.
  4. What jurisdiction are you in? In Ontario, my read of this web page is that you can get 10 days off without needing to extend articling, not that you're entitled to 10 days off. The only time you appear to be entitled to get off is 7 days per licensing exam if you're writing the exam for the first time during your articles. You probably need to ask your principal about the firm's policy toward vacation time if it's not in your offer letter or some other communication with the firm during the recruitment process.
  5. It's far from perfect but I find it difficult to believe you wouldn't be aware of the school newspaper that is literally handed out in your building providing some (admittedly incomplete) empirical data on this exact thing. Whoever was telling you those things is an idiot, trying to mess with you, or both. I'd be wary of their 'advice' in the future. You'd benefit greatly from walking away from all of this and giving yourself a break at this point. Freaking out like this is going to be bad for both your mental health and performance in this process.
  6. Basically anything. I'd guess there is a skew towards the humanities generally and within that I knew more people with poli sci than anything else but that's anecdotal.
  7. If I recall you find out a few weeks before the program starts but I'm not certain.
  8. So far the calculator has consistently been of for me by a few thousand dollars.
  9. The assertion that there aren't lakes in those parks is hilarious.
  10. To be frank it sounds like your experience is probably pretty limited. I'm referring mostly to 'outdoors' things that involve being more than 100 meters from a road while it sounds like you may be talking about drinking beer looking at a lake. I've been through cottage country many times and seen most of the things to do within a few hours driving of Toronto and remain unimpressed compared to basically everywhere else I've lived in Canada.
  11. Just try and meet and talk to people who work in the area. You ought to have some connections via grad school that you can use to this effect. Consider going to some of the events at MaRS that are IP related (get on their newsletter if you're not already). To be frank, I don't think any kind of industry position is realistic if you're going to be leaving in under a year anyway, even if it were they wouldn't be giving you IP work they'd want you for their bench experience and would probably have you making buffers or running standards etc. You almost certainly won't be able to get any kind of meaningful experience in IP prior to getting a law job. There are some IP sole practitioners in the Toronto area, you should talk to these people as well and not just the ones at the big firms.
  12. I'm having a little bit of trouble taking this seriously. According to google Banff national park is less than a 1.5 hour drive from Calgary, Yoho national park is roughly 2.25, Glacier national park is 3 hours, Jasper national park is 3.5 hours, and Mount Revelstoke national park is 4.5 hours away.
  13. I don't know if it's black and white as to where the best place to live in the country is. If you like the outdoors Toronto sucks, to be frank, compared to lots of other places like Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, etc. I also think the affordability of Montreal plus its nightlife etc. can make for a compelling argument that it's 'better'. I can see Toronto being the best for some people but I think there are a decent amount who'd also much prefer other cities.
  14. I have found the calculator inaccurate in the way you'd expect. I do not think its worth it.
  15. My financial aid was off substantially both years so far and I wish I'd gone somewhere cheaper.
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