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  1. What was the name of the person that called from Downtown Crown? Has anyone heard from North York Crown?
  2. Seems like maybe it's too late now...
  3. I was feeling the same way so I called just a few minutes ago and they said they are still making decisions!
  4. Bringing this thread back for the following reason: If there are a series of things that have changed since my application and OCI were complete (such as a new publication in an area extremely relevant to where I am interviewing, being a finalist in a moot, elected to a new position, etc) would that warrant sending an updated resume before in-firms, or an email about it? Or should I really just wait and try to bring it up during the interview? My worry is that I am interviewing with government, which hold short substantive interviews, and there might not be room for me to bring it up. Thoughts?
  5. Sorry, yes, I forgot CLO had sent out ITCs. I didn't apply but some of my friends who did heard back.
  6. I've only heard from MAG Crown Law Crim, because they did OCIs, but I really think the other MAG branches and the Crown offices will wait until call day to say anything.
  7. Thought I'd step in for people interviewing with government: Received ITCs from DOJ and MAG Crown Law Criminal on the evening of my OCI with each
  8. Hi all, On the 2L summer job "offer date," (November 8th this year), are offers usually made over the phone, email, or on the portal? Also, does it usually happen at the end of the day?
  9. Thanks for your input. I was thinking 3L if only because then I would have taken procedure and evidence courses in their entirety before enrolling in trial ad, which might help me in the course (though I don't know if this has any truth to it). But yes, if I do it in the fall of 2L, then I could talk about it during OCIs, etc. I was just worried that I wouldn't have enough coursework/experience behind me to do well in the course. Thoughts?
  10. Can anyone speak to benefits/drawbacks of taking Trial Ad in second vs. third year of the JD? To give some context, I'm an incoming 2L interested in litigation, specifically in criminal law.
  11. For those that summered with the Crown's office in 2L, what were your 1L grades and work experience like?
  12. Title says it all. Hope we can all maintain perspective during this (sometimes) tumultuous time. We are Osgoode students, after all!
  13. Anyone here have experience or know anything about clerking for the ICC, ICJ, or a Special Tribunal? I've heard that it's possible, just finding it difficult to locate any information.
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