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  1. I tried searching for it but couldn't find it. I know it exists though. I also found this: https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/financial-aid-bursaries/scholarships-bursaries/admissions-scholarships-english-jd-program Looks like these admission scholarships are due May 1st!
  2. There are lots of different scholarships, including merit and need based. I am sure you will qualify for at least 10-20 of them, don't stress!
  3. Hey! Even after I recieved OSAP, I was able to get a scholarship in both my first and second year for $5000 each. In the beginning of the school year just apply to every single scholarship (including the ones you have to write essays for, those are the ones people usually don't apply to). Also, not sure if you know about the entrance bursaries the faculty gives out (even in 2L). I think it's 2000 in 1L and 1500 in 2L. P.S. I also come from a single-parent household with a low-middle income
  4. I had a friend who just randomly emailed different government lawyers (you can find who works where on the employee government search databases, there's a federal and provincial one, and their email/phone number) and that landed her an SPI which she did for the whole Summer. Don't be scared, government lawyers are willing to talk to you and there are lots of offices who need help in their departments. Just email them and even call them!
  5. 1L is hell and I highly recommend against working any sort of part-time job, no matter how much you need the money (and trust me I did). I didn't even do extra-curriculars. You need good grades in 1L! If you want to message me, I'd be happy to share more details!
  6. Does anyone know where I can get more information on the US OCI process? Thanks!
  7. Just wondering if anyone has deferred an articling position (in particular for a government position)?
  8. I'd be interested in knowing this too. Especially for public sector. Also did CLOC mention anything about a reception?
  9. Did anyone get an in-firm with both CLOC and MofLabour?
  10. I would just wait for a while. It's still not 8:30 yet.
  11. They didn’t say much when I called them, all they said was that there might be a waiting list. I really hope they didn’t forget about us because I still haven’t heard anything.
  12. Talked to admissions today and they said that by Tuesday/Wednesday next week they will have sent everyone a response of either a yes or no. They also said there might be a wait list.
  13. Nothing and I've been checking every day. I really hope tomorrow they let us know.
  14. Can anyone who gets accepted, please let us know!? I'm dying to know my status.
  15. Accepted off the waitlist today around 2pm. cGPA: 2.96 L2: 3.4-3.5 LSAT: 149, 151 Access claims. Really strong ECs and references.
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