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  1. cooper009

    Waistlist - 2018

    Just got it now. No rankings this year 😪
  2. cooper009

    Accepted to TRU 2018

    Accepted just now. LSAT: 164 L2/B2: 3.46 Will most likely be declining, as I live in Alberta and have been accepted to Calgary. Good luck to those still waiting!
  3. cooper009

    Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Thank you! That’s on a 4.0 scale. Good luck!
  4. cooper009

    Admitted to Saskatchewan 2018

    Accepted this morning. L2: 3.46 LSAT: 164 Will most likely be declining. Good luck!
  5. cooper009

    Accepted 2018

    I have also just declined my offer. Good luck!
  6. cooper009

    Accepted to Calgary 2018

    Accepted off the waitlist today. L2: 3.46 LSAT: 164
  7. cooper009

    Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    Thanks! I went green around mid January, so a couple weeks ago.
  8. cooper009

    Accepted 2018

    Accepted about a week ago L2: 3.46 LSAT: 164
  9. cooper009

    Waitlisted at Calgary 2018

    Waitlisted this morning L2 : 3.46 LSAT: 164
  10. cooper009

    Rejected from Osgoode 2017

    Did you guys receive an email or just update on OASIS? Good luck elsewhere!
  11. cooper009

    Rejected 2017

    I saw mine at around 1:00pm mountain time. Not sure when I would have received it.
  12. cooper009

    Rejected 2017

    Rejected today. Happened to check my uOzone and it says "Refused". Haven't received an email. LSAT 158 cGPA 3.15 L2 3.46 ECs: Student groups throughout undergrad, volunteer coordinator for 2 volunteer groups, lots of international volunteer experience (educational, environmental, humanitarian), involved in sports leagues. Good luck to everyone else!
  13. cooper009

    Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    Bummer. Haha
  14. cooper009

    Waitlisted at Calgary 2017

    I got the waitlist email February 3rd. I was wondering, however, if I was sent a personalized message or if they sent everyone the same generic email. The email stated that the Committee was "favourably impressed" with my application but that they weren't ready to extend an offer at this time. Did everyone get this same message?
  15. cooper009

    Waitlisted 2016

    How many spots total are being offered this year? Edit: Just looked it up, around 185 spots every year give or take a few.