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  1. I had a long distance relationship that last about 1.5 years. It's really difficult and the distance really makes your relationship fragile. There was no cheating or anything in our relationship, but eventually it just fell apart before I saw it coming. I was doing the same, planning to move over to another province. I've learned from that relationship that, you need to make decisions based on yourself, especially with a relationship that only started like a year ago. I agree with the previous comments, definitely see how much he has sacrificed first. I was planning to move to another province but my partner was not planning to do the same for me, and I found out way too late. I understand how difficult this whole thing is. If you need to talk, feel free to PM!
  2. Have you checked out the fb group? People are very open and friendly so I would suggest posting there!
  3. it took me MONTHS to make any significant improvements. Keep practicing and be patient
  4. I think you're thinking a little too much. As long as its easy to read and concise, you're good. My friend spelled a firm's name wrong and they still ended up offering him a position. If they want you, they want you.
  5. I had to make the same decision last year! I chose the UofC and I love it (except during the snow months, makes me regret not going to uvic). The community here is really supportive, which was not what I was expecting coming into law school. The environment is very collaborative, and I really mean that. I had a girl who sent me her entire framework a week ago for the final exam. It is best to go where you want to practice, however, as I find networking could be a problem; but students at UofC who really wanted to go back to BC definitely made it possible by putting in more effort. If you want more details, feel free to DM me!!
  6. What kind of questions would you consider interesting? I often ask about how their firm is like, how the people are...etc., but the answers all sound pretty similar no matter which firm the lawyer is with. But then if I ask about their work specifically, I would usually be standing there like a potato because I don't fully understand their field of work.
  7. If I were you, the main problem I would be worried about is networking. If you're willing to put in the extra work to network with Toronto firms, you're probably better off with Western. This way, you'd be less in debt, and there'll be less financial pressure.
  8. I really like the adrenaline of it whether I lose or not, but obviously it puts a lot of stress on me and hurts my mental health.
  9. Best: I really enjoy most of the things I'm learning. competitiveness. Meeting really awesome people. Having the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and doing things I'm usually uncomfortable doing. Worst: Sitting in class, competitiveness, braggy people
  10. Through my experience, I find my score really went up when I started to focus on practicing rather than learning. There are lots of tips out there, pick some and practice it. practice lots As for books, I only used LSAT trainer ($50). It worked pretty well. I mostly spent my money on practice tests.
  11. redo the LSAT, the LSAT is very learnable; get help if you need to. Let me know if you need tips on study schedule or exam prep. I wouldn't take more courses. Your GPA is good
  12. I believe I had a slightly lower GPA (I didn't calculate) with 168 LSAT and received acceptance to uvic
  13. I got dumped 1-2 months prior to getting my acceptance. I was still in the phase where you feel like nothing else matters anymore, so I wasn't too excited at first. Now that I'm working hard towards something I care about, I feel fantastic (most days). Hang in there, and best of luck!
  14. I had a lower index score and was accepted! I think you have a great chance!
  15. I eventually want to work in Vancouver. I have been rejected by UBC (expected). My options currently are UofA, UofC, and Uvic. I don't think I'll enjoy living in Victoria at all due to personal reasons, but it does have the advantage of being closer to Vancouver firms. I'm not sure how much of a difference this will make though. I am leaning towards UofC since I do have friends and family there (and I already paid the deposit). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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