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  1. Was accepted this morning! 158 and 3.6 A quick message for others looking on this forum in the future: I trusted that TRU had received my correct stats, and i tried calling to double check what number i was on the waitlist since it was announced, but the line was always busy. I thought i would leave it alone and not try to annoy the admissions officer. But thankfully last week i called and Leanne told me they had my very first score from 2 years ago (which was horrible) on file only. While on the phone, she tried retrieving the new score of 158 repeatedly, but LSAC didn't have it on record for her (Sidenote: every other school I applied to had my correct score). So i had to send her my confirmation email from LSAC with my correct score, which bumped me from #30 on the waitlist to Top 10. The lesson here for me (and for other students in the future), was to always double check and be diligent in making sure your stats are correct. If i had been more persistent, i may have gotten in earlier. Anyway, I'm excited to be going to TRU in the Fall! See everyone there!
  2. received my official waitlist email as well. 158 LSAT and 3.7 B2.
  3. FIrst one was horrible, 148 (should have cancelled it), second was 153. Mind sharing your stats?
  4. Those are my last two. I think it’s my B2 as well.
  5. Waitlisted today. 3.7 and 158 (3rd write). No sask connections
  6. If this is the only response some have heard, would anyone suggest looking into Kamloops in the meantime? Like start looking at places to live, figure out costs etc.? Just worried we'll get a really late acceptance and then have to scramble to get there, find places to live and start the semester off strong (I'm from Alberta).
  7. I have a 158, L90 of 3.6, and my email said end of July, start of August. :/ I am just a regular applicant.
  8. Im so sorry to hear that! if you want to, would you mind sharing your stats? GPA/LSAT?
  9. Waitlisted last week, and ive asked to stay on it. LSAT 158 L90: 3.6/3.7
  10. Hello. I have applied for September 2018 admission to TRU, U of C, U of A (I am from Edmonton), U of S, Queens and Dalhousie. So far i have heard nothing back from any of the schools that I've applied to. My L90 is a 3.6 (for TRUs purposes) and my L2 is a 3.7 for every other school's requirements. I wrote the September 2016 LSAT and did horribly, a 148, and then the December 2017 - received a 153, and now the Feb 2018 LSAT I scored a 158. I am not planning on rewriting again. I know that me writing the Feb LSAT puts me at a severe disadvantage (and probably no chance) of being accepted into Calgary or Alberta because they only look at my December + previous scores, but as for the other 4 schools, I believe i still stand a good chance. I wanted this forums' opinion on my chances for this cycle, because i know a lot of decisions have already been sent out before the Feb LSAT for people who had written last years LSATs. I've been patiently waiting, but getting a little more anxious now that April has come! Question: lets say my 158 score was taken into account for U of C if i applied again next year - and they only look at the highest score, not averages... would i have a shot at U of C? *I have fairly strong EC's (lots of community volunteer work dating back over a decade) and I believe that my LORs were very strong as well. *another note: I did apply (in desperation) to TRU, Alberta, Calgary and Sask with my 148 score, so this is my second time applying. Will that effect anything?
  11. I've done the PS Bibles, but didnt find them too helpful. i did 7sage the second time around and they were amazing. Now im sort of flipping through the LSAT Trainer to see if there are any other strategies that might make LR click better for me.
  12. Hi guys, I wanted to get some advice on whether i should rewrite in February 2018, and how i could go about it. Reading through the posts on this forum, i think i am leaning toward just rewriting, or at least registering and seeing how my practise goes. In my practise exams, i was scoring between 155-160 over the last 2 months before i wrote the December LSAT (2017). This was my second sitting (my first test was September 2016), and i scored horribly on that exam. My big jump in score was by foolproofing and getting my LG section to near perfect. In my practise exams i go from -0 to -3 max. My RC section is always up and down. Sometimes i score about 23/27, other times i get 14/27. But my worst section is LR. i improved a little bit from my previous testing, but i still go anywhere from 13 or 14 out of 25 or 26, to only 18 or 20 max. my last month or two of prep before the LSAT was doing blind review of my PT's and drilling my weaker question types like Flaw and Necessary Assumption Q's, but I guess it didn't have a huge difference on my score most times (perhaps a slow and gradual difference). Am i doing something wrong? or not going about my studying strategically? I definitely want to be focusing this month or two before Feb on LR, since it counts for two of the sections, but if anyone can give me any advice or guidance on what i should be doing specially, i would really appreciate it! I've also been told to spend a solid week (or couple) on RC and LR separately while doing maybe a PT in-between, to grind out a lot of my issues in those sections. As a last note, I am expecting about a 156 on the LSAT i just wrote if all went well, which would be fine with me, but i did mess up a few questions on the LG section. My saving grace may be the RC section which i thought was fairly straightforward, and may be my best scoring section for this Dec LSAT, and one of the LR sections. But this uncertainty doesn't leave me very confident, so I am just preparing to start studying ASAP before its too late and i only have less than a month to study. Thank you!
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