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  1. Buckmaster

    Deciding not to article?

    Could I ask if you left practice immediately after articling?
  2. Buckmaster

    sources for (law) interview practice/learning?

    Is this for the articling recruit or are you preparing early for OCIs?
  3. Buckmaster

    Getting a new PSLOC after graduating?

    I'll send you a PM
  4. Has anyone gotten a new PSLOC with a different bank after finishing school? I'm graduating this June and My PSLOC with Scotiabank entered repayment earlier this year so I cannot access the funds from it. I met with my Scotiabank advisor over two weeks ago and he said the issue is on Scotia's end but has yet to do anything about it. I have about $7k utilised from my PSLOC since most of my loans are OSAP.
  5. Buckmaster

    Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    When should I start calling to ask if firms have already sent their offers?
  6. Buckmaster

    Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    Does Zarek Taylor have a reception?
  7. Buckmaster

    Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    One firm I interviewed with today that hires 2 students said they bring in 40 for first interviews and then cut it down to 6 or 7 for second interviews.
  8. Buckmaster

    Toronto Articling Recruit 2018-19

    I received 11 calls and scheduled 9 interviews. I applied to around 40 places, mostly litigation and some personal injury. I say around 37 because I sent out so many applications through a mix of email, viLawPortal, in person that I'm having trouble figuring out which firms I applied to.
  9. Buckmaster

    How is life like for a law student?

    Are you in Ontario or out west? OCIs for Toronto firms happen in 2L. There are some (few) IP positions in Ottawa for 1Ls in the fall though.
  10. Buckmaster

    What are my Chances?! UPDATED [3.01 / no LSAT]

    I agree with Luckycharm. I don't follow the accepted threads as much as I used to because there's no reason for me to anymore. The cycle I applied in (2 years ago), UOttawa was rejecting a lot of applicants with 3.2 GPA and lower in Feb. After briefly looking at the end of last year's UO accepted and waitlist threads, it looks to me like very few of the reported applicants with less than 3.3GPA are placed on the waitlist. Usually, these applicants have a strong LSAT and/or strong L2. At this time, OP does not have either.
  11. Buckmaster

    McMaster or Queen's?

    Its good that you're thinking ahead so early, but its a bit early to think about law school. Its my opinion (not actual fact) that political science doesn't differ much between universities. I did my undergraduate degree at Queen's in politics and now I'm doing my law degree here as well. Arts are not treated the same as other faculties at Queen's, its overshadowed by Commerce, Engineering, and Nursing. I'm a racial minority at Queen's and I have not felt or been uncomfortable/victimized here. Law schools do not care about where you did your undergrad (assuming its domestic). The only exception is UofT, where they only consider undergraduate program to see how different majors they accepted have performed in law school. For undergrad, I chose Queen's because the campus was prettier (literally the only real consideration). If you have any specific questions, about my personal experience of doing politics at Queen's, you can PM me.
  12. Buckmaster

    Queen's BCom/JD Program Inquiry

    I don't know where qmc2 went, but I only know of one person (of roughly 200) that did Ryerson's Business Management Program in my class. Not to say that admissions doesn't like graduates of that program, they must just not perform as well in the admissions process.