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  1. I'm less concerned about the ceremony than the cost of being a lawyer. If I can put off almost $1800 in fees (call to the bar + professional dues) while I'm unemployed over the summer and it makes no professional difference, I don't see why not. Unless, of course, it impacts my career prospects down the road.
  2. I'm finishing up my articles in Ontario and will be clerking next year. Because i don't need to be called to the bar to clerk, I'm considering deferring my call to the bar in order to: - save paper call fee and professional fees (while I'm unemployed in between roles) - avoid LSO paper call and hopefully get a call to the bar ceremony Thoughts? Any downfalls to deferring? One of my concerns is pushing back my call date if employers conflate call date + yrs of experience. Anything else I should keep in mind?
  3. The 18th of February or March?
  4. Have FCA interview requests gone out for any Justices other than Webb, Stratas, Gleason, Woods, Gauthier, Rivoalen?
  5. I'm in 3L now and remember feeling the same way last year....lack of employment really cast a shadow over my entire second semester. More job postings continue to be posted throughout this semester - including some government offices whose funding came through late and smaller firms that hire later. Keep on checking your school's career platform (if they post jobs) but also indeed and linkedin. And, if you can, have people you trust (I found the feedback from upper years who landed jobs in places I wanted to work the most helpful) review and suggest edits on your resume and cover letter. I was offered a job last year around the end of April to begin in May and had already taken RA positions with 2 profs. I ended up keeping the RA positions and declining the law job. Great opportunity to do some interesting research that I won't be able to do as a lawyer and I had the flexibility/time to prep for the articling recruit that I wouldn't have had with a more traditional office job.
  6. for people who missed calls do you assume they're calling you back or should I be calling them back?
  7. Hey guys! Potentially jumping the gun here...but anyone selling their 1L books?
  8. Thanks for the input guys! Given that I live 20 minutes away from York campus I'm going to go in in person first thing tomorrow morning...fingers crossed...
  9. Potentially/hopefully silly question: I accepted Osgoode on Friday through SAM on OLSAS. Only in the evening did I remember that there was a letter that needed to be sent in to the school as well to accept. Does anyone know how essential it is to have the letter in by the 1st? I'm really hoping that I can get it in on Monday and not have it be a problem....
  10. LSAT: 158, 161 cGPA: 3.63 (olsas), 3.68 (school) L2: 3.8 (olsas), 3.9 (school) average to strong references and ecs Chances at Osgoode, Queens JD/MPA?
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