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  1. (For the record, the managing partner was very cool about it)
  2. I guess I'll find out soon, but I'd expect it to cleave to roughly the same 10-15% per annum raise as we've had all the way up...?
  3. Just got out of three interviews. You guys are doing great. Make sure you get some sleep tonight!
  4. Good! Got a few interviews down, hoping to pick up a couple more this weekend and then start posting them.
  5. Not one that mighty! And to be fair, I'm not holding this guy I just found on an image search up as a style icon or promoting a Regatta look around the office. And I'm certainly not saying that every one of the outfits on this Instagram are gold. Some are absolutely brutal. Obviously linking to a site with more than one example was a mistake! The simple point I was trying to make is that a larger guy can look good in a vest, particularly where the vest is a different fabric from the suit as a whole. Sounds like the crowd isn't with me on that. Fair enough. We don't all have to like the same things.
  6. Yeah, I'm not a fan of this look either.
  7. Whoa, whoa, whoa. No one is running down the pocket floof, earl of the pocket squares. I said once that at the very least you should have a neat square, and that a floof might not be appropriate in all situations. I've got a Robert Talbott situation going on here today. Let's stop this firefight before it starts.
  8. @epeeist: Okay, "all" is an overstatement. But it does remove the issue of the belt visibly slipping lower over the course of the day, and it allows you to wear a high-rise trouser while hiding the waistband, which avoids the issue of whether you want to wear a belt all the way around your stomach or pull it up underneath. It also makes braces easier and less distracting to wear. I guess we can all disagree. I think it's a great look because it doesn't try to hide anything. I read it like a look that embraces a larger size and makes a broader guy look forceful. But if I'm alone in this, I guess that tells you something about the risks of going in that direction. That's a shame, though. I'd love to see more of this stern-industrialist look kicking around.
  9. Oh, I'll take you all on over this one. A vest does away with all issues having to do with the waistband/waistline and obviates any issues corresponding to tie length. It's often just a matter of changing the fabric for the third piece. https://www.instagram.com/sartorial_en_plus/
  10. One thing I might add about when-and-when-not: I don't see nearly enough three-pieces on big fellas. It's an awesome look, especially for a barrister. I think a guy with a huskier build can get away with wearing a three-piece a little more often.
  11. Probably more correlated to the fact that there are something like six times as many OCIs to go around in 2L than 1L. You can survive without an Interests section. It's just there to help your interview go smoothly, in my view. It shouldn't have any impact on whether you get an interview or not.
  12. (Just posting to be updated on replies)
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