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  1. The LSO announced on twitter that anyone who was called to the bar this week will find out over the weekend so still some hope!
  2. Normal deadline to pay is August 21st, but if you qualify for OSAP you will see on your statement of account in UOzone the deadline will change to late September. (same for winter semester early vs late January) Also a great resource: https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/important-dates
  3. For the thematic course, people say to take something interesting since usually that makes the course easier since most involve a lot of time spent on either a paper or assignments. If you know you would find writing a paper easier then go with that, or if you prefer smaller assignments then that would be the way to go. Some people find the journal courses easier, but if you leave them all to the last week then not so much... I've heard good things about legal history, cyber feminism and health systems specifically, but I haven't heard anyone hating their thematic (in my experience). Also (I believe) thematic courses are curved to a B+ not a B due to being seminar courses, so most people generally do well in comparison to their other courses. Most first year profs are pretty good, but thats also pretty subjective. Some that are polarizing are Mayeda and Feldthusen due to having multiple choice exams which are generally love/hate. I would recommend Kirkup, Chen, Cameron, Bailey, Cairns Way, Blair, Collins based on my / other's experiences with them - that doesn't mean the other profs are bad, I am just not as familiar with their reputations.
  4. Some people like to pick their small group subject because they are either more interested in that subject OR they think they will struggle with it and want the benefit of having a 1:20 prof to student ratio. I picked a torts small group in 1L because I liked that schedule better. Small groups have up to 20 students in them, then 4 small groups make the large groups for your other classes (around 75-80 students). This is why there is not a lot of variety among the schedules since there are only 4 large groups - therefore only 4 different class schedules with only the small group class time changing. It can make the law school feel smaller as you're always with the same 75 people. So your small group subject would be in a class of ~20 students (i.e. torts) then all of your other classes will be with your large group. Tutorials are completely optional and are only for your large group courses. I believe they ran every other week... though I never went.
  5. Internships in the summer are the only "summer courses" I am familiar with & haven't known anyone to take other classes in the summer. You only pay tuition fees for the fall and winter semesters. If you do a student proposed internship (SPI) during the summer the credit will apply to either the following fall or winter semester (you choose) and take one less class that semester - so you don't pay summer tuition.
  6. Though it could be difficult to line up every class with your personal preference (and you probably cannot avoid at least one presentation, 100% final or paper), you can also use the course search engine to see how each class in the small group schedule is graded (i.e take home exams, groups projects, multiple choice etc). However I personally just picked a schedule that had the best time slots that worked for me when I was in first year. They also release the exam schedule before enrolment which can be found here if anyone is curious https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/exams
  7. 1. I believe units = credits; 1 course is usually 3 credits (except many 1L courses are 5), I am not really sure how this works, but my tuition this semester was 9,760.92 as a 3L. 2. Usually if you do an SPI in the summer, the credit you earn is applied to either the following fall / winter semester (you choose) and you just take one less course that semester. I could be wrong, but I do not believe you pay summer tuition to do an SPI because of this. SPI is 3 credits. In the normal course you will only pay Fall & Winter tuition.
  8. The current 1L course blocks can be found here (any of the small group links in the table): https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/enrollment/first-year-english-jd-programs When you register you pick (1) a small group block and (2) a thematic course for the winter term You share all the same classes with your small group and a couple other small groups to make your large group, but your small group class i.e. Torts/Criminal/Pub con is only your small group.
  9. You won't have to pay by Aug 23rd, at least for the previous years, if you qualify for financial aid you automatically get an extension to pay your first semester tuition by 3rdweek or end of September. You should see a $1K credit for the education bursary around the time of getting OSAP, before fall tuition is due. Then you get another $1K credited in Jan for your winter semester, and another 3 week automatic extension to pay your winter tuition. The extension ensures you received your OSAP and the bursary before having to pay. Hope this helps!
  10. https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/registration/first-year-block-timetables-2016-2017 these are the blocks for 2016-2017 if that helps you. The speaker series just mean you don't have class during that time and can attend talks... where you can usually find some free lunch. The thematic course time slots will depend on which section of thematic you choose (A, B, C etc) -- this is where I found this: https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/registration/overview-registration-process-first-year-students the process might be different this year with the new site, so stay tuned until early June for thematic and block choices / how to enrol.
  11. You can try the UOttawa Law Housing & Furniture group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/568347349929869/ It is also mostly sublets right now but people do post on there looking for roommates.
  12. The block choices won't be available until closer to registration, but the link will be on this page I think https://commonlaw.uottawa.ca/en/students/student-centre/registration/overview-registration-process-first-year-students There is a link on that page to a pdf outlining the registration process which might make things more clear. This past year there were 4 different large groups of about 80 each, so 4 different core block schedules to choose from, made of about 4 small groups each (~20ppl). The small group times are the only thing different for each large group course timetable. i.e. all 80 of you will be in the same property class, but may have your small group torts at different times.
  13. Last year around early February 2Ls called those who were accepted to ask if they had any questions about the school. Not sure if it is the same thing. They didn't leave voicemails then either.
  14. yeah shortly after I posted this I heard back from scotia and they are offering me prime! No-brainer now
  15. Did TD offer anyone an extra buffer year after articling? The scotia rep said I wouldn't have to start making payments until a year post articling (2 after graduation) but at TD I would have to start making payments 1 year post grad. The prime at TD was tempting but knowing I have the extra year at scotia in case of job struggles seems safer.
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