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  1. No I think U of T does better but it is certainly not zero at other schools.
  2. No it's not. People from other Ontario schools also get NYC jobs.
  3. Free line skip at hype venues*. * Court house security.
  4. I believe most appellate courts wait until SCC offers have gone out before making their offers. I know ONCA does this, maybe BCCA is different I'm not sure.
  5. She's not. The Committee will hire the clerks for her replacement.
  6. ONCA offers already went out last week.
  7. I feel like this is actually the root of most lawyer hate. If you're not doing public interest or objectively "good" law then you're a bad guy who only cares about money. Meanwhile tons of people are in their job solely for money but lawyers get the worst rep for it. Of course there are truly terrible people who use being a lawyer to do bad things but I would say that's no more common in law than many fields.
  8. I once told someone I was a law student (in 1L when I was excited and wanting to tell people about it) and someone said "what's the difference between a lawyer and roadkill? I'm sad to see a skunk dead on the side of the street".
  9. I wouldn't want this so the public could see because most people hate lawyers and I don't like to broadcast it. BUT, my friends who are med students often meet lots of new med students because of the backpack. Even on vacation in different countries its an easy way to strike up a conversation and meet fellow doctors. That's really the only reason I would like something like that.
  10. There are literally dozens of threads about this already full of helpful info. I would recommend checking them out.
  11. I absolutely loved my time at Queens and most of my Osgoode friends didn't feel the same way. They liked Osgoode, but never seemed to love it in the way I loved Queens. I am back articling in Toronto now and I miss Kingston all the time. It is so cute and historical and has some incredible restaurants (yes, even by Toronto standards). I've seen so many people from my class go back to visit already just because they miss it so much and we just left in May! Also having all of your friends within a 10 minute walk is truly invaluable during law school where you need lots of support and have little time to travel for plans. If you plan to work in Toronto for the foreseeable future, I would really encourage you to live somewhere different in law school. Life is so short, get as many unique experiences as you can. Happy to chat further over messaging if you have any other QL questions.
  12. I'm not sure why you're being so harsh... They asked about whether they have time for a few hobbies. You tell them to adjust their priorities but then go on to say that you too in fact make time for going to the gym and believe in work life balance...? Seems to me like you're both on the same page.
  13. I'm articling at a big bay street firm and I do yoga a few times a week and play video games maybe 3-4 hours a week. Definitely possible I don't want to post my hours but I've been told I'm at the higher end for students.
  14. Totally agree. I've been in a few conversations with student committee members at various firms who believe the 1L recruit is increasing in size every year.
  15. The SCC does but applications are due on Monday. I don't think they have a limit on how many years out of school you are.
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