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  1. I name dropped on the cover letter for every single firm, and most people I only had a quick phone call with about the firm. I was never asked about this and don't think it reflected poorly on me to put that on there. Tbh I think its pretty odd not to name drop because now it is standard to signal to a firm that you have taken the time to connect with someone from the firm. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Hi! Sorry no one replied to you before the deadline future students: you should include your anticipated 3L courses as well!
  3. No. It really depends firm to firm. Some have a set amount of time you get but some let you take as much as you want as long as you hit your target.
  4. A good credit card. If you don't have one or are using one that gets you virtually no benefits now is a good time to change that.
  5. For most of the year I wear leggings and a big sweater and that is very normal.
  6. Even thinking about being called makes me emotional lol... Guess I'm going to be the one weird crying girl in the audience .
  7. I heard that Fasken never previously paid the tuition bonus, so going to 1800 was impressive for them since it means, in effect, the students are now getting the benefit of the bonus through the higher salary.
  8. Foodora also has 5 dollar meals sometimes. I'm not sure how often it is but I've gotten them a few times and they've been pretty good.
  9. I'm a HUGE fan of Tractor. Amazing selection and all pretty healthy.
  10. I think my biggest tip for future students is to study your indices. On the train on the way to the exam I decided maybe I would colour code my indices to match my materials (very ambitious of me to think this could be accomplished in a few hours). I only got like halfway through one index, however, taking the time to read all of the key terms in the index was really useful. So, if I had to do the exams again, I would set aside time to do that.
  11. I'm at a DT Toronto firm and I haven't found that it matters. I have both heels and flats in my office and really just wear whatever I feel like.
  12. Can we not. Don't need a constant reminder every time I come on here 😓/😂
  13. clearly written by someone who has no idea what the bar is
  14. Edit for misinterpretation: thought you meant you needed an 83% to pass which I thought was crazy high.
  15. the afternoon was absolutely savage
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