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  1. I think the answer is exactly what you would expect. It doesn't look great, but it probably won't break your application if you're an otherwise good candidate. If you're really concerned about it I would just call admissions and explain. At least then you'll restore some faith that you have attention to detail since you noticed the errors.
  2. Maybe you're not getting the more substantive work because the old articling student is still there and they are just going to them out of habit?
  3. I don't think there are many significant differences between mid-size and big firms. Almost all files have the same structure being a partner, an associate, and maybe a student on the file. I have never found my friends at mid-size firms to have greater responsibility or client interaction than me. Small firms are entirely different, but mid-size, not so much. Also remember that it really depends on the size of the practice groups at the firms. Working with a practice group of 20 lawyers doesn't feel big firm like at all.
  4. I felt this way too but I promise that "advantage" disappeared very quickly. Also, I don't think you need to understand federalism as much as your con law prof and those poli sci people chiming up in class suggest.
  5. I know both SCC and ONCA clerks with Bs (not +s) on their transcripts.
  6. I know at all 3 of the firms you listed (though in Toronto, not Vancouver) students are allowed to use their personal computers when they are working from home/remotely. You use a VPN to log into the internal system remotely.
  7. I did a full day of OCIs. I found it to be completely manageable while I was doing it, though the second I left the venue I felt absolutely dead. That being said, I'm still glad I did them all because it left all of my options open and allowed me to see who I clicked with. Also remember that most of the interviewers have a full day of OCIs too so they are getting tired at the same rate!
  8. To be honest I don't think being too niche will hurt you. It helps you stand out and people will remember you for your niche. Also, I doubt firms really care because ultimately, as a student you will be doing whatever work that they give you and I don't suspect they're too worried about you saying "no I will only work in climate change law".
  9. I found that in 1L it helped me to read case summaries before, rather than after, I read a case. This way I read the case fully knowing what was going on and it helped me pick up on the nuances better.
  10. There are a lot of homeless people on princess which can be a bit frightening if you're not used to that, however, I've never heard of anyone being bothered by them before. I lived on princess all 3 years (though pretty downtown not "upper") and frequently walked home alone very late at night. I never had any issues.
  11. I get that you're trying to be funny but sounds like OP (and others on this thread - including myself) are having a tough time and I don't think that's very helpful to say right now.
  12. Yikes. I already have this fear and this thread has certainly not helped it. I'm trying to just be thankful that I had such an amazing school experience because lots of people don't. I'm going to miss the coddling, freedom, and support that school provided but I'm trying to think of all of the joys of life that have yet to come. Hopefully I'll get married one day, have kids, and feel just as fulfilled and happy from that as I did from school. I'm not sure if that is something you're also interested in, but if so, look forward to that!
  13. 3L was probably the best year of my life so I really feel this. Wish I had a solution for you but I think we're all figuring it out together
  14. I liked typing for a few reasons: 1. I found it easier to make my outlines at the end of the year when everything was already typed up. Though I can see that typing up your handwritten notes might be a form of review. 2. I liked that I could control F and search in my notes. This helped when I was cold called in class or just generally wanted to ask a question/make a point in class. 3. I absolutely needed to multi-task in a lot of classes to survive the boredom/prevent getting sleepy and it's easier to browse reddit when you're typing 😛
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