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  1. I know an upper year who does this. I don't think it would be possible in 1L though.
  2. I know of at least one offer going out.
  3. No idea how they do order but based on my own personal knowledge of candidates I don't think it's alphabetical!
  4. As a 3L this sums up my feelings exactly. I'm always slightly jealous of my banking/consulting friends who have their life so much more together by now. They have financial security, they have their own places, their relationships are more stable. I don't regret law school but I wish I wouldn't have chosen it so quickly.
  5. I heard from Stratas later than other people so he might be doing it on rolling basis!
  6. Your undergraduate grades are asked for when applying for 1L jobs, 2L jobs, articling, clerking, LLMS, etc. Don't sewer yourself.
  7. I have nothing to add other than, as a third year, I often feel the exact same way. The thought of articling terrifies me and as it approaches I get more and more worried about burnout and losing my love for the law.
  8. Did you get in? I'm on the edge of my seat.
  9. this was funnier the first time I read it on badlegal
  10. This rhetoric, while true, really needs to be toned down for the recruit. It's gotten to such an extreme that students are prejudicing themselves for fear of ruining their reputation. This is one big negotiation and while you must always negotiate in good faith, you don't need to show all of your cards at once.
  11. Solid advice IMO. This is a huge corporate entity who doesn't care about you beyond what profit you'll bring in. You were genuine, don't ruin your chances just for their benefit. You don't owe them that.
  12. Queen's access is specifically left vague so lots of people feel that they can use it. Your work experience definitely qualifies you for access, and yes, if the committee does not think you should be considered in access, you are moved to the general category with no detriment to your application. Coming from someone who is intimately familiar with this process at Queens, I would advise future applicants to disregard Bhaywardio's advice. It is entirely incorrect for Queens.
  13. Yes that would look bad. You don't need to use up all of the space but that's WAY under and will look like you were too lazy to write more or had nothing interesting to say. It will never send a good message.
  14. With those stats I think you would get a very generous scholarship from Western.
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