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  1. I don't think I suggested this at all. I'm not sure why you quote replied to me since it seems like we're talking about two entirely different things. I just wanted to draw attention to the fact that I think it's odd for a firm to expect you to be available to meet instantaneously or else explain where you are. That's certainly not the case in my experience.
  2. I've never once explained to a lawyer where I am, even as a student. I just say, "sure I can stop by at x time." Students and lawyers alike have meetings, calls, appointments, coffee runs, etc. all day. It's never been expected of me to just turn up somewhere immediately upon request. Your message is somewhat worrisome as it sounds like a bit of a toxic environment, but I hope that is just due to the brevity of your post
  3. I articled at a big firm on bay and a few of our students went to the gym mid-day multiple times a week. No one noticed or cared! Obviously, if there was a day they knew they were needed they didn't go, but on slower days it didn't seem to be a problem. That being said, my firm wasn't a face time firm at all.
  4. I think you almost hit the nail on the head. In my law school/young call circle, "bay" is being used as a more encompassing "7 sisters". People tend to say it in relation to any of the large firms/prominent lit boutiques in DT Toronto. I've never heard anyone say "Bay law" but people often say like "that's life on bay" or "she works somewhere on bay". It would be well understood by my friends that bay wouldn't refer to a large firm that is outside of Toronto, and wouldn't refer to gov even if the gov office is technically in close proximity to Bay Street (like DOJ). Big law, on the other hand, would refer to any of the large firms/prominent lit boutiques even if they weren't in Toronto. Btw, I'm a big proponent of asking stupid questions. I'd rather ask the dumb question than stay uneducated forever. Asking questions is literally the purpose of this entire forum. I'm sorry you're getting so much flack.
  5. That's precisely why people pointed out that OP got the list wrong - to show how absurd it is that they included the term 7 sisters in their post when clearly, it means nothing to them, as 75% of the firms they listed are not members.
  6. Just want to say that, in my experience, working 9 am to 10 or 11 pm every day is quite above average.
  7. I really enjoy talking with people of generally the same education level. During early COVID is when I noticed this the most. People were curious, asking important questions, dispelling myths, reading real scientific studies, and just generally having good educated conversations. This isn't always (or often) the case on reddit.
  8. The crowns I know have a court address, rather than their personal address, on their IDs in case they lose their wallet.
  9. I used treatises in law school (equivalent to US hornbooks I think?) when studying for exams. I would read a chapter after I outlined for it and it just helped tie the concepts together for me. I don't think it was necessary but it worked for me. I never bought any, just used the ones at my school's library.
  10. Fair enough, I guess anyone with an identifying email is a better way to describe it. And just to be clear, I never said the no delete rule was hidden. It is made very obvious. Just making a suggestion to possibly boost retention
  11. I agree, I don't think I'm terribly interesting or that the mods care who I am. I just think it should be an informed choice when joining.
  12. I appreciate everyone's posts and I knew the mods probably wouldn't like this suggestion, and that's ok, you are all in charge here, not me. One final note I'll mention is that maybe there should be some transparency as to the mods being able to see who people are. Like others have said, when I joined, I was old enough to know that what I posted was forever (and again, I have nothing I am ashamed of on here), but would I have been so open knowing that a group of (presumably) lawyers could see who I was as I posted? Probably not. There's no pseudo anonymity at all when it comes to the mods and I guess I just don't like that. Maybe it is the lack of reciprocity that gets to me? I'm not sure. Anyways, I'm still here and will probably stay because I'm in so deep now, but I wish I had known that from the beginning and I don't recall every seeing that explained anywhere (though I could have missed it).
  13. I mostly support the self moderation principle, but I do wish there was a 1 time reset option where you could keep your profile but delete all existing posts. I only say this because a lot of people join this forum relatively young (0Ls), not really understanding the forum/their history with it, and then stay for years and years. I don't have anything on here that I am ashamed of, but I certainly have considered permanently leaving just because it is so easy to identify me now. I joined very young and didn't quite understand that all moderators could see who I was and things like that. I guess what I'm saying is once you're a lawyer and you're not on here to ask about your stats and stuff it would be nice to start fresh with an "adult" profile. Anyways, just a thought for future possible reform but happy to be completely shot down. Edit to add: I do know people who left the site for this reason - they couldn't start a new account (no 2 account rule) and couldn't get rid of embarrassing 0L/1L posts so they just became guests and don't post. I think this is kind of a loss for the community, but again, I recognize most people probably disagree.
  14. I was called on the 12th and I only submitted my documents on the 10th. Very quick turn around lol
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