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  1. clearly written by someone who has no idea what the bar is
  2. Edit for misinterpretation: thought you meant you needed an 83% to pass which I thought was crazy high.
  3. the afternoon was absolutely savage
  4. I do get that, and I blame Ford and not her. But at the end of the day she's not only Minister of Justice but also the AG who is supposed to be non-partisan and uphold the rule of law.
  5. It will be fine just send them a message. Think of the thousands of people who write a year, you're definitely not the first person this has happened to.
  6. Best: Meeting brilliant and motivated people who you get to be friends with. Worst: Watching all of their mental health slowly decline over 3 years.
  7. Everyone is having those thoughts, you aren't alone! results come out 6 weeks after solicitors.
  8. If you already have papers that you can submit, what's the harm in applying? The Justices all look for different things and no one on this forum can know whether you'll get the job or not. Seems like you have as good a shot as most people who apply.
  9. I can't get over Mulroney posting twitter videos about needing better access to beer while completely demolishing LAO. What a joke.
  10. I haven't lived there myself but a decent amount of law students do! You certainly won't be alone. Everyone I know who lived there really liked it, but a few found it pretty loud because it is completely full of students.
  11. This is the website from 2017! https://queenslaworientation2017.wordpress.com
  12. I will never in my life forget that you need 60 days notice to serve Ontario crown.
  13. I found the OLE index so bad for pro res too.. I was left guessing a lot of them. And public was definitely tricky in my opinion. I also noticed the same concept got tested like 4 times which started to throw me off a bit.
  14. I don't think this true for most of the big firms. Just asked a few friends and no one with a mac has any problems logging in remotely. I don't think the choice matters all that much. I love my mac mainly because 1) nothing ever goes wrong and 2) if it ever does, apple makes it incredibly easy to fix and will give you a replacement while its being fixed. I am reckless with downloads and do pretty much everything wrong from a cyber security perspective and I've never encountered a virus since having a mac.
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