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  1. I appreciate all the good advice. They ended up calling me Monday to set dates and get other info to prepare the contract, so it all worked out. Thanks everyone.
  2. So I guess my question is: Should I email them asking for written confirmation that I'm their future articling student so that I can stop worrying about it and can skip the Toronto articling applications with peace of mind?
  3. I know, and I don't want to because I'm very happy with the position I was offered. My fear is that I actually HAVEN'T formally accepted a position yet. I would like to get some confirmation that it's a done deal before I miss out on Toronto articling in the off chance that the offer falls through somehow...
  4. As the title states I was offered articling in Ottawa on offer day a week ago and I was very happy with the offer so I accepted. The person seemed busy and said "we'll be in contact with you and you'll get a formal letter." I haven't heard back and the deadline to apply for Toronto articling is coming up. I was hoping for some sort of paper confirmation before I miss that deadline. Am I being overly anxious? What is the usual procedure that follows an offer on call day? I just would like peace of mind that I have a position secured and don't need to keep looking... Thanks!
  5. Hello! Any suggestions on what I should do when I visit this week? It will be my first time ever in Ottawa and I plan on looking for an apartment and visiting the school to familiarize myself. I haven't really scheduled anything but I will call places to book viewings on the train tomorrow. I'm hoping to be able to find a place in the next couple days but if I don't I'll have to come back once more before moving here. I know I'll likely feel like 3 days isn't enough to find a place but I'll be going alone so I really want to keep myself occupied. I'll be booking a hotel tomorrow on the train also. Would love to hear any of your thoughts/tips/suggestions, school related or not! Thanks.
  6. Namiko

    Chances of swapping thematic courses?

    I was told earlier today on this forum that when it gets close to February a lot of spots free up as people realize they would rather be taking a different class!
  7. Namiko

    CML1105A or CML1105L?

    Thank you both. Just want to note for those reading that you CAN change your thematic course online, just not your course block.
  8. I figured out the issue. Before selecting a different course set (at the top where you click the little circles beside each set) first you have to click on 'Blocks' under 'View Registered Courses' and select 'Drop selected courses'. Then once the courses are dropped you can view other blocks. hope this makes sense.
  9. Namiko

    CML1105A or CML1105L?

    Does anyone know how we can change our thematic course after registering for one? It seems that once I registered for a thematic course I can no longer see the availability of the rest of the thematic courses. At my previous university we could register for a course and continue refreshing the remainder of the courses to check if a seat became available, then we could add it to our timetable and drop the course we previously registered for. Is something like this possible at UOttawa? Thanks
  10. Went to register right at 10am today for 1L....All blocks have a class that has 0 seats available so I can't register for any blocks....
  11. Namiko

    In queue?

    Is anybody still in the queue?
  12. Namiko

    Accepted 2016

    ^ congrats but please decline ASAP so more people can hear back before the 2nd!
  13. Namiko

    Waitlist 2016

    I was not emailed, I saw the update on oasis. I was put into queue March 8th. 168 was my second take, 165 was my first
  14. Namiko

    Waitlist 2016

    Holy ... Apologies, hopefully a mod can fix that. [mod edit: I deleted your triple posts! -Ryn]
  15. Namiko

    Waitlist 2016

    I was waitlisted today. I so wish I could be optimistic about the possibility of hearing back next week because I would be ecstatic to attend Osgoode. This process is so much more painful than I would have ever guessed. 2.9, 3.57, 168. Filled out part B/special circumstances.