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  1. I'm Canadian. I applied to and was accepted to several American schools this cycle. I'll be attending a top American school in the fall. You being Canadian will not make a difference, you may be asked during some interviews why as a Canadian you want to pursue a JD in the U.S. At least I was. Overall however, you being an international applicant won't adversely affect your chances. You'll also be paying the same tuition as your American counterparts. That said, law school in the U.S is extremely expensive, much more so than any Canadian schools, as a Canadian you won't be eligible for federal loans. However, Harvard and Yale give institutional loans and have generous loan repayment programs the you could take advtange of. They are can also be generous in granting need-based aid.
  2. There are Published Test Centers located all over the world. While I was attending grad school in the UK, I along with a couple of my classmates (one was a fellow Canadian and the other an American) wrote the LSAT over there and the schools had no problems with this, I mean why would they? The centers are sanctioned by LSAC..
  3. Congrats to everyone that's been accepted. I did my undergrad at McGill, didn't apply to the law school though, i'm sure you guys will have an awesome time (should you decide to attend). Good luck to all other applicants!
  4. You'll have a good cycle. I'm also a URM (Black Canadian Male) applying to several schools in the U.S, I got a JS1 from Harvard a few days ago so shoot me a PM if you'd like to talk.
  5. In CPGA: 3.96 B3: 4.0 LSAT: 174 Strong softs.
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