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  1. Yes, that's how GPA calculation works in most places
  2. What city are you OCing for? We had Vancouver and Toronto DOJ at OCIs and they asked pretty different questions--Vancouver (from what I heard) asked more substantive questions. DOJ Toronto was pretty laid back, mostly asking things like areas of interest, why DOJ, etc. The in-firm interviews (there are two for DOJ Toronto) had much meatier questions--basically they ask substantive (last year they gave us a case to talk about), behavioural ("what would you do if co-worker X didn't like you and didn't want to do work you assigned" or "talk about a time you encountered difficulty with a boss"), and ethical.
  3. it used to be on their website, although I can't seem to find it now. your best bet is probably just to call or email the admissions department.
  4. solas

    Do OCI employers ask for criminal record checks?

    I'm not sure if this is typical of OCI firms but mine did not ask for a records check. However, the language in my contract included a clause that said the offer was conditional on not being charged or convicted of a criminal offence.
  5. this is the JT look you should be emulating
  6. I'm starting to think about upcoming clerkship applications and my biggest hang-up seems to be the cover letter. How does one approach writing a cover letter? Is it basically the same as writing any other cover letter for a legal job (i.e. related to structure and content)? I know to highlight research/writing related experience (RA positions, journal experience, prior clerking, and I guess legal research related work experience?) but is there anything else I should be highlighting? Do they care about mooting experience? I'm mainly looking at appellate clerkships (ONCA, FCA, SCC), if that makes a difference. Also, I welcome any tips on the writing sample--I was planning on using the paper I'll be writing for my paper course this year, but it's definitely going to be over the page limit. I'm guessing best practice is to re-write and shorten it, as opposed to providing just a 15 page snippet?
  7. solas

    Clerkship at the Ontario Superior Court

    At Dal it's weird because they don't give us our percentage grades, yet the average listed on our transcripts is based off of percentage grade rather than GPA (which they also don't give us). It's all very opaque but at least they let us request our exams, which usually contains the percentage grade.
  8. solas

    Clerkship at the Ontario Superior Court

    This is a possibly off-topic question that I had while reading these responses: is grade distribution something that employers/judges pay attention to when hiring? Is, say, having a 3.9 GPA less impressive at Queen's than it would be at Osgoode or Dal or something? Is class rank more broadly comparable across schools?
  9. It's not all MAG places (con law branch doesn't for example) but the ones that do don't specify from where. I submitted a couple reference letters from profs during the 1L recruit and got an interview, so I wouldn't stress too much about it.
  10. iirc they take your last 60 credits. They split up years but they won't split up individual semesters. So yes, if you take an extra semester, it'll replace your fall semester of third year.
  11. solas

    2L Summer job reference letter etiquette

    There are lots of them, including a bunch of MAG places, LAO, I think also some smaller firms.
  12. I think you're right that you'd probably be at a disadvantage, but if you're looking at government/public interest places, I doubt they have dinners or receptions to attend anyway. You're going to have to balance first interviews and second/third interviews/coffees whatever, regardless. I'm not sure that having remote interviews makes much of a difference there. And I do know people who have been hired for appellate clerkships having only done phone interviews, so I don't think doing it remotely automatically kills your chances. And, I'm not on the hiring side of things so I may be wrong here, but I feel like this is something that employers should be understanding about. Finding articles is hard, it's not a surprise that candidates are interviewing in multiple cities.
  13. solas

    TWU and the SCC

    I was kind of joking--I love the wild, fractured decisions because it's great academic fodder (and con law often made great nighttime reading for me when I was taking it) but I know it would be a nightmare to deal with that lack of guidance as a practitioner.
  14. you don't have to be that specific. i was thinking something along the lines of, 'is x firm open to doing remote interviews? i'm interested in applying but have conflicts that may make it impossible to fly out to in-firms. i don't want to waste x firm's time by applying if i know i won't be able to interview, so i thought i'd ask now."
  15. I feel like there's little possibility they'll remember you if you call them before you apply and don't leave a name or anything, but I may be wrong there.