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  1. You pay around $180 when you first register (deadline is in early December), then you have the ~$5000 fee for the exams/articling. This year, that was due April 8th (unless you went with the payment plan).
  2. Went to Dal, interviewed at BigLaw and government places in Toronto. Never got asked why I didn't go to school in Ontario. Occasionally the "why Dal" question would come up as an icebreaker type question but that's about it.
  3. I would check with your school--Dal has laptops students can borrow to write exams, so that shouldn't be a huge concern. A few people in my classes still take notes by hand, it seems to be going fine for them? I also know a couple people who take notes on tablets, so that's always an option if you get sick of handwriting.
  4. Would advise against living in the dorms on-campus (if that's what you were asking about). There's a lot of housing just off campus and lots of people live within walking distance of Weldon. It seems quite convenient. I have my complaints about the law building but overall, it's pretty nice (they've been doing renovations over the last few years, I think they're all done now, though). There are other parts of the campus that are quite nice (the CHEB is a favourite amongst law students, Wallace McCain is equally as great and it rarely has any law students, which is nice) but overall it's kind of rundown.
  5. No, you would have two 90 minute contracts classes a week (the same as any other class). Section A has more than that because contracts is their small group class.
  6. I probably shouldn't say but it was one of the less senior judges, for what it's worth.
  7. Heard through the grapevine that at least one FCA offer has been made (which is possibly also a sign that SCC is done?)
  8. I had low undergrad grades (I think my cGPA was around what your's is) and have pretty decent law school grades and it's never been an issue. I guess it may come up in clerkship interviews but no one in the 1L or 2L recruit brought it up. Some of this is probably dependent on how well you do in law school, though, which is difficult to predict.
  9. Did SCC offers go out yesterday or did they start today?
  10. I know that offers to Dal have gone out.
  11. who are the two judges, if you don't mind sharing?
  12. From what I hear, they just give you a time and date and you have no input at all.
  13. Because private bank LOCs aren't given under the act? It's not about whether they fit under the act, it about whether you received the loans under the act.
  14. Look at the first line--you can only deduct the loan if it was granted under federal or provincial student loan acts.
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