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  1. Request enrollment verification in solus. It will create a document you can use for loc.
  2. Yeah my mistake, I meant to say $20.5k not 21.5k!
  3. Hi all, the tuition for 2017-2018 Law students at Queen's has been released. Looks like it will be $21,500 and change. Just posting in case anyone was having difficulty finding it.
  4. It has been created. https://www.facebook.com/groups/401164020221101/
  5. I meant more like "if i do another one, I will ...." And I would do another if I want to learn some other statistic about our forum members
  6. Just general interest as to the types of majors we have around here!
  7. Wish I could edit it for double majors etc!
  8. Agreed, my next poll will differentiate based on accepted/not, and by major, rather than faculty!
  9. The alternative to the arguments presented here, that school is impacting recruiting chances, is that the quality of students in terms of "hireability" is likely much higher at U of T compared to Dal. Perhaps it is the quality of the students, and not the schools themselves, that is determining hiring. I mean firms aren't going to hire worse candidates simply because they went to a certain school -- that would be bad for the firm and for business. They want the best candidates possible, and school name is going to be quite low on a list that starts with legal ability (grades) and in an industry where social ability for both dealing with clients and bringing in new clients is almost equally important. Disclaimer, I'm a 0L but I have many close family members working at large corporate firms in multiple province, including Ontario/Toronto
  10. If you look at top NY firms' websites, you can see if there are any Oz grads working there
  11. Hello all! Being interested in this kind of stuff, I was wondering if we could get a poll going to look at what LawStudents.ca's majors are, and in what proportion! Should be interesting to see what, if any, faculties are over/underrepresented in terms of students looking to go to law school on these forums.
  12. At Queen's, approximately 130 students participated in OCI's last year -- info from a presentation given by their CDO. I'd assume U of T numbers to be similar or higher.
  13. A "not full course load" does not necessarily mean part time. Im willing to bet superherojustice was still a full-time student, i.e. 4 classes/semester. Even if not, they are an exceptional case. I think you'll find at most schools, and to most admissions committees, 4-5 classes per term is considered full-time. However, 3 classes or less per term is considered a part-time student. At least in Ontario, admissions committees definitely favour full-time students over part-time, and you can find this info on almost every school's admissions website; it is substantially easier to do well in 3 classes than 4 or 5. Mature applicants are, I believe, not judged as harshly on this, as it is assumed if they are part time they are generally working full time and/or raising kids. I would definitely look into this more by contacting admissions offices, if I were you. Best of luck.
  14. This guy might be of interest: http://www.weirfoulds.com/full-fwalwyn I believe he practices in many Carribbean countries
  15. If your offer was not conditional, then nothing will happen. It seems common for schools to generally only require completion of one's degree requirements.
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