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  1. Checked my spam/all the separate folders on Gmail, nothing. Honestly not super concerned, I already have my physical package so the Facebook group is more of an afterthought. I'll probably do what TheLawStudent said above and just try them again after they're less busy with exam stuff
  2. been two days and they haven't replied to my e-mail...... they're probably planning all sorts of cool law school things without me dammit
  3. I received my call/email/package in the mail already, no invite for any Facebook group though..... is it worth contacting them about it?
  4. Ba..... so I'm guessing I was pretty close to the top
  5. They're not gonna waste time calling to reject you. I also missed the call the first time, called back twice before getting through
  6. I couldn't believe it either. Missed the call at first, frantically called back and it went to his voicemail, called again and got through. My last name is super high in the alphabet, so if there's any truth to the whole "alphabetical" thing then I very well may have been the first person they called
  7. Got a call about 15 minutes ago from Professor Alarie. 172, 3.84.
  8. JUST GOT THE CALL. 172, 3.84 I'm freaking out
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