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  1. From what I’ve seen, new licensees get two certificates (those often seen framed in lawyers’ offices). Is anyone aware as to how we can obtain ours? Will the LSO be mailing them to our address on file?
  2. Accepted this afternoon! cGPA: 3.62 (L2 3.8) LSAT: 161 Average ECs, strong LORs. Will likely be declining, good luck to everyone waiting!
  3. Just checked and I'm in as well! 3.62 cGPA 3.8 L2 161 LSAT Congrats to everyone!
  4. My OASIS just updated as well! 3.62 cGPA 3.8 L2 161 LSAT Relatively strong LORS, average ECs. Went into queue on December 8th. Oz is my first choice, definitely accepting this offer! Best of luck to everyone else!
  5. Accepted this past week. Congrats all! 3.58cGPA 161 LSAT
  6. Just logged into InfoWeb and got my first law school acceptance! 3.58cGPA, 161 LSAT. I would imagine my ECs to be quite average, but strong LORs. Congrats to everyone else who got in today!
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