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  1. I am already in university and studying something I love (not business) .... I started this thread because I was wondering if kids with a business background enjoys any advantage when they graduate law schools and started looking for jobs. I have a relative who works as a bank lawyer in a different common law country, and he does have an accounting background.
  2. What you said make sense. That being said, I am very curious to find out what undergraduate degrees top lawyers from different areas of law hold. I am talking about the best ones. Is there a trend? Maybe or maybe not.
  3. I wonder if this has anything to do with the LSAT requirement? I know some science kids who hates English or literature in general with a passion and have problem handling extra long sentenses. Lawyers tend to be good writers I suppose.
  4. Do most lawyers have undergraduate degrees in arts and humanities? Is it still the case nowadays? I wonder if there is statistics somewhere. Just curious.
  5. I am the one who posted a question about law as a career choice in Canada. Thank you to everyone who helped me. I have another question: does one's undergraduate major have a significant effect on the type of law firm who might be interested in you? For example, do corporate law firms prefer business degree holders? Or is it a relatively minor factor among many others? Thanks.
  6. Sorry about my ignorance, what does OCI stand for?
  7. Can you suggest some affordable schools with relatively good quality programs and employment stats ? I am from Toronto but am willing to move anywhere. I like McGill and I read and write French so I guess that is one with good value. What about U of A or Calgary?
  8. Thank you, your comment make sense. The reasons why I posted my questions are mainly because of 1, the super high tuition of law school (especially some top ones), which make me wonder if it is worth it 2. horror stories of some people I know who went into engineering, studied night and day, and couldn't find jobs after graduation, 3. people told me totally different things about the life styles (work hours, stress level, income, etc) of lawyers and I don't know who to believe. I think the government should somehow regulate the education programs so that they are more in line with the job market. The universities should not be allowed to operated like businesses.
  9. Thank you to all who responded. I appreciate the different viewpoints you provided. One thing I noticed is the amount of money my parents paid a small law firm to help close the deal on our home 18 years ago is no different than what the same firm charges today.... I was a little shocked to learn that. It means with inflation, the firm has lowered the price quite a bit. Make me wonder if the salary of lawyers has shrunk also. For the new graduates who get the better jobs, do they make really good money as 20 or 30 years ago? Is law an employable degree outside of the tradition legal profession?
  10. I am a first year university student considering law as a career choice. I got good marks and have above average intelligence and believe I can get in a good law school if maintain my work ethic. I have another career in mind and am trying to decide. The problem with my decision making process is: my knowledge about law as a career come from my parents, my relatives, family friends and my high school teachers and guidance counsellors. I feel their information is either 30 years out-of-date, or possibly originated from their experience in some other common law countries. Basically I don't think they really know the current situation of the legal profession in Canada. Can someone help me paint a more realistic, up-to-date picture of a law career in Canada? The main questions are: What kind of life styles do real world lawyers in Canada live? Do they work extremely long hours like some hospital physicians? Do lawyers have a choice usually? Are entry level jobs difficult to find? And what do you do if you graduate, do your articling and cannot find work? I have friends who graduated engineering and could not find any work remotely related to what they studied. It is devastating and I do not want the same experience. What is a real world average salary for a Canadian lawyer? I saw a government job posting for a lawyer vacancy and the pay is between $110K to $140K. Is that typical, or higher/lower than average? I want to know if the tuition, time and effort I put in is worthwhile. Does being multilingual (including French) help significantly? I want to decide if I should further develop my langauge proficiency in university. Have you or someone you know regret going to law school? I want to hear your story. Thank you in advance for your comment. I really apprecite your taking the time to help me.
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