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  1. Are you saying that you feel dissapointed because you can't find a job after articling or that you dont like practicing law itself?
  2. ^That 45% statistic for female calls definately has a lot of confounding factors maybe they became by choice stay at home moms or something rather than they couldn't succeed in private practice.
  3. Just want to add that there is more opportunity in the US than in Canada in absolute terms, and this implies that you are more likely to do what you really want to do in selective practice areas in the vast terrain of the legal field in the US than in Canada, if you can break into the market in the first place. I saw a reddit thread about a video game lawyer in the US (esports), rarer to see that type of specialized legal practice in CAN. Also 100 months is like 8 years...
  4. Read the Income Tax Act from top to bottom lol.
  5. I disagree. Law school is essentially reading and writing; programs that are heavy on reading, writing and analysis will prepare you indirectly for it by sharpening your writing style, reading comp, etc.
  6. The fallacy of more education hehe but really what option is there if you can't get articles, you're basically fucked. You can either double down on your three year expensive investment or do something else. Sunk cost fallacy says double down.
  7. Business Management, everything else seems pretty dilute of real practical employable skills and generally unfocused. Better to focus on getting a money-making skill rather than learn about artsy things. No offense
  8. If you can't get articles, LLM seems like a good route to go if it can make you more marketable for your practice area interest --on paper at least.
  9. different exam set the older ones and latest ones will give you slightly different scores just keep going its totally fine. Relax.
  10. I have very similar views. I find law is interesting though.
  11. You might just want to consider getting another PhD in Canada and go in academia.... It seems like a good option for someone in your position.
  12. Diplock or Hedgis, if you don't mind answering this question... Diplock you said your cost per month was $2000 can you please break that down? I'd assume the lease itself would be like $1500 for even a marginally good location especially considering its Toronto? I'd imagine you were super thrifty if you could get by on 2k alone for all your office expenses. I know some leases from personal experience go up to like 15k/month for things you wouldn't even think were worth that much... I'd be very interested to see some financial statements and the like of a typical sole because I am thinking of going down that road myself at some point. But were I to do this, some general guidelines I would want to follow would be to keep the costs low, as low as possible, and keep the risks as low as possible as well. It would be incredibly easy to go bust considering the day to day expenses of running an office, hiring staff, especially if you have a good location where leases would be pretty high.
  13. I have quite a lot of courses that I need to write big papers for and its not really a skill I ever mastered and I'm sure there's many besides me who struggle with this as well. How do you approach such projects and what are some tips that help you?
  14. Ottawa is amazing, great place to live, really cool people, very friendly, these allegations of racism have no substance and are idiosyncratic to the persons making them.
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