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  1. New call here. I recently responded to a posting for a small (1 lawyer/1 para) firm seeking an Associate in a small city in Ontario. They explained that it was entirely fee-split, which I understand. However, they went on to say that I'd be self-employed (i'm independently responsible for all taxes, my clients and my files), and the LSO only allows employers-employees to share firm accounts, so I assume that I would have to be setting up my own trust and general accounts. At which point, I started wondering what's the difference between doing a fee-split vs just renting an office somewhere and going solo (which i do not feel prepared to do). Another junior lawyer read this and suggested this was more of a "practicing in association with"/ office sharing arrangement than a true associate position. I was wondering if anyone can provide some insight into what is "normal" for an entirely fee-split... is this situation weird or do I just need to adjust my expectations about practicing law? I wasn't really exposed to the business side of firms during articles, so the idea of having to set up these accounts and either learn to bookkeep or hire someone seems intimidating right now.
  2. Just a PSA, my name has already been added to the directory (with my LSO number!). Definitely faster than I expected. On a different note, has anyone received their refunded call fee yet? It was showing as processed on May 28 on my Accounts page, but still hasn't appeared on my credit card
  3. Was accepted off the waitlist today, but will have to be decline as I have already accepted and paid deposit at Queen's and have an apartment lease signed in Kingston Not sure on cGPA (completed coursework at multiple schools), L2 was 86.4% and LSAT was 160. Best of luck to all still waiting.
  4. No, I am curious now too as I have never even come across that in my research on the application process.
  5. Am getting increasingly worried I should have rewritten LSAT this weekend, but it's too late to fix that now.. cGPA is 86.2%, translated into roughly a 3.8 on the OLSAS scale LSAT score is 160. What are my chances of admission? Should I retake the LSAT in February, or is that going to be a waste of time/money?
  6. Accepted this morning! LSAT 160, OLSAS GPA 3.81.
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