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  1. The banks do have different limits for different schools, I believe U of T's PSLOC limit is significantly higher than the average school.
  2. I've only completed my first year, but I only took on the OSAP Max in debt by working throughout the school year. I wouldn't call it creative, nor would I recommend it.
  3. Congratulations! Where abouts in Northern Ontario? Will you be attending?
  4. You already got into Windsor and UNB so
  5. To my knowledge there are no deferred admissions at Bora Laskin, you'd be best off calling admissions for the straight answer
  6. I would keep waiting, I was waitlisted a little earlier than you last year and was accepted in mid may.
  7. I was waitlisted around the same time last year with similar stats, good luck!
  8. Do you know your L2 grades? If you have a big upward swing you'll be in a decent position. Also, do you have any extracurriculars or access issues that can help explain your 3.0 cGPA? Windsor is a very holistic school, so you may have a chance. Your LSAT is good, but with that GPA you'll have an uphill battle. Where else are you thinking of applying?
  9. Congratulations guys! I'm currently a 1L at Bora Laskin, and if you've got any questions about the school/city etc. just shoot me a PM!
  10. Personally, I got into Lakehead with a 3.01 cGPA, 3.1 L2 and a 166. I'd recommend this: 1. Calculate your AGPA and index score at Manitoba; drop the bottom 25% of your grades, convert your individual grades to the AGPA and put it into the index formula with your LSAT. If I had to guess I'd say you have a very good chance of getting into Manitoba. However, it is a regional school and you should really consider if this school offers what you're looking for. 2. Find out your index at UBC; drop your 4 lowest half-semester classes and punch in your lsat to the online calculator (It's on the forum somewhere, UBC predictor). There's a slim chance that you have UBC chances, but it's still good to check. 3. Apply broadly and as others have said: avoid schools that look at cGPA. I wouldn't bother with Ottawa, Toronto or York. I'm not sure about Saskatchewan, Alberta and Calgary, but these would be schools to look into. If you need any help never hesitate to message me! Good luck!
  11. I got into Lakehead with a 3.03/166, although I am from Northern Ontario. I think you might have a good shot at Windsor. Find out your L2
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