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  1. In as well! 160 LSAT 3.8 CGPA Blown away that I got in so eary! congrats to everyone!
  2. We have almost identical stats and I see you were also one of the others to receive an offer of admission in the first day of uOttawa offers. Congrats on the 2 offers in 3 days!
  3. Yeah, for me it was my morning routine check of the Western Student Account when I saw the big green check mark next to my application information. I got the e-mail about an hour or two later.
  4. I guess let's get the ball rolling.. In as of this morning ~3.8 CGPA 160 LSAT (only write) ECs were above average, but not amazing, 3 LORs (2 PhD Professors and 1 Manager from work - who happens to be a lawyer). Will almost certainly be declining the offer, although I'm thrilled to receive one so soon!
  5. In as of this morning (JD/MBA applicant): CGPA: ~3.8 LSAT: 160 (only write)
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