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    Admission After 2 Years

    81%+ over1.5-2 years/160+
  2. Schulich05

    Queen's Poker =0

    Sounds better than studying
  3. Schulich05

    First Year UG

    Law is a 3 year undergrad degree in the UK straight from A levels (high school). After that you do a year of bar exams, etc. Then you have 2 years of training contracts in an apprenticeship kind of setting. School is pretty focused over there.
  4. Schulich05

    Queen's People 100%.

    100% there in the fall!
  5. Schulich05

    Queen's People 100%.

    100% there in the fall!
  6. Schulich05

    So I just failed an exam today...

    Those options sound fun, but pretty expensive. You can do a 5 week french immersion course in Canada that is fully funded by the government.
  7. Schulich05

    So I just failed an exam today...

    To be fair, it probably pays about the same as the average university summer job. Are your parents hardcore set on you doing all of your schooling consecutively?
  8. Schulich05

    So I just failed an exam today...

    Hop on a plane and go find a job picking grapes in Australia. Or go work in a downtown London bookstore. Lots of people take more than 4 years to do an undergrad degree.
  9. Schulich05

    Queen's MSN group!

    [email protected] Almost done all of my finals so I should be on MSN sometimes. Haven't started looking for a place yet, but will also be looking into finding a roommate or two to share a house/apartment. Tim
  10. Schulich05

    Queen's MSN group!

  11. Schulich05

    So I just failed an exam today...

    I just got 69% on a midterm
  12. Schulich05

    Universite de Montreal???

    Congratulations on getting accepted at U of M, Blady. There was a thread on lawbuzz about the civil law schools, but being lawbuzz, a lot of the posts were less than informative. As for doing your common law year, I know that U of M and Osgoode have an agreement, but you probably know that too, eh?
  13. Schulich05


    Queen's does sound like it is going to be much sweeter. Nice writeup.
  14. Schulich05

    Interested in International Law?

    Most people that have previous law degrees from other countries and come to the states to practice get a LLM.
  15. Schulich05

    Mature student interviews

    I don't know anyone who will be in next year's first year class, but I sat in on a first year property class the day before my interview and there were about 5 or so women who looked older than I was, and two people who had brought their school-age children with them, as it was March break. I have a work acquaintance whose wife is currently in 2nd or 3rd year, and she, I would say, 10 years older than you. I could see about getting you in touch with her if you would like. Also, there is a mature students' association at Osgoode who might be helpful...and I bet if you just checked out a class, as I did, you could chat to those folks who you think about your age. I'm in Quebec City right now, but will be back in Toronto in May, so if you wanted to meet downtown for a coffee or something, drop me an email at girlpublisher at hotmail.