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  1. Did you have prior litigation experience?
  2. I do have that and I also have some work experience in litigation.
  3. I ended up securing articling at a corporate only firm. While I do really like corporate and solicitors work, I am not completely sold on never entering a court room. Is it possible to go from corporate to litigation? Not saying that I want to do that. I am just nervous about closing doors this early in my career.
  4. Hey a lot of this is very good advice but some of it is very subjective and goes against what I experienced on the official articling recruit. Three things that stuck out to me were: 1) Mentioning your dislike of the interests section. Many LCOs are recommending putting things here that make you unique (but not too unique) and it gives the firm something to discuss to determine fit. You might not like it, but I noticed that in my big law firm interviews, I was often paired up with a lawyer with similar interests. I used my interest section to promote some non-law or employment related achievements that didn’t fit elsewhere on my resume. 2) Bringing in application materials. I was told by my LCO not to do this as firms will always have it. This may be a large/medium firm thing though. 3) Addressing bad grades. I have a bad semester on my transcript. Typically I’m a b+ student in law school but I was a c+ student one semester due to a health issue. I was told never to bring it up or draw attention to it unless the interviewer asked. I think what you posted is very valuable. Especially for a small firm or sole practitioner. I am happy to say I was successful in the articling recruit (despite lower than average grades). I think my interest section was really important to be honest. Weirdly, only 1 firm asked about my bad grades.
  5. Hey you also mentioned you had 9 interviews. I was in a similar position in the fall. I am not an extrovert and I found that because I was spending so much time out of my comfort zone, I was struggling to bring the best version of myself to interviews. I struck out as well. It’s a lot to handle and as crazy as it sounds I do think it puts you at a disadvantage when you are interviewing vs. someone that has less interviews but is more fresh and relaxed. Good luck with everything.
  6. Ah I meant interviews/lunches. I had some second round interviews yesterday but silence since. I’ve interviewed at 1 boutique and 2 mid size
  7. Can we assume that having a quiet day so far today means you’re out?
  8. I got a surprise call from a firm during OCIs that was listed as sending out ITC emails. My guess is that if someone declines an interview, they move down to the next person on their list. Might happen since Vancouver and Toronto recruit is at the same time, however I think it is unlikely.
  9. Even for articling? That seems a bit excessive. I thought it would be more similar to the numbers of in firms handed out after OCIs. But I know nothing about the recruitment process.
  10. Is there a better chance at landing an articling spot through an articling interview than getting an interview through OCIs?
  11. I haven't even gotten emails saying my applications were received. Is that normal?
  12. I have a feeling that at the time I was, but then they met someone later in the day who changed their mind. At least I hope that is the case. I’d like to think that they didn’t intentionally play a mind game with me, but you never know.
  13. Yeah that’s what’s I’m telling myself. I got as close as someone could to getting the job without actually getting it.
  14. Anyone ever have a firm tell you on Wednesday that you are their top choice and to expect a call? I had had this happen... except the call during the expected call period was to reject me. This process has left me feeling pretty defeated. I’m worried that I won’t be able to secure a paying 2L summer job, and I am worried that I will fall behind my classmates for the articling recruit because I did not get a position.
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