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  1. Everyone, with the exception of maybe a few mature students, wears a backpack. I don't have a briefcase, have never had a use for one, and don't think I've ever seen anyone carrying around a briefcase. Law school is very much like undergrad in terms of what people wear. It's not something to worry about.
  2. Kinda happened to me too. I got a PFO for an OCI the day before infirms. Not from a firm I had an OCI with, this was a firm I applied to in August, did not get offered an OCI with them, and then the day before infirms they sent me an email saying that they wouldn't be offering me an interview. Like, yeah, no shit. I had a good laugh reading it.
  3. You know what you conveniently left out? All the other stuff that is not the actual in firm interview or the logistics. Logistics are the least of my concerns. I can be in Toronto in 2 hours and have no commitments I have to schedule around. In non-OCI interviews are there ~40 firms each interviewing dozens of students over the same three day period, while each student also generally has multiple interviews? No. In the non-OCI interviews, do students have pressure on them to rank firms that they are simultaneously interviewing with? Generally no, because they aren't interviewing with more than one firm at a time. In the non-OCI interviews, do students have multiple interviews in a day, followed by maybe a dinner and reception? Again, nope. In the non-OCI interviews, do firms intentionally lead on students for days because they need a number of backups due to the amount of firms hiring at this stage? Maybe, but it's not nearly as bad. For the record, I accept and understand why firms do lead on students, but it's still not pleasant. That's all I'm saying about this. There's a reason why a mod has to come in and say the discussion has to be set back on track in 90% of the threads you're involved in, and that reason is definitely not because you're providing helpful insights that move the discussion forward.
  4. So your reaction is to argue semantics? How constructive and helpful of you. Thanks so much. You know what I meant.
  5. There's a big difference between something being procedurally easy, like getting a list of employers and having them have a set time to call you, and something being easy to go through. You're smart enough to know that, and I'm pretty sure you're smart enough to know that no one here is complaining about how difficult applying or answering the phone was. Or maybe you aren't, who knows.
  6. Is it too late to switch career paths and go drive a bus or something? At least bus drivers don't have to put up with this nonsense application process. I'd say I'd drive an Uber, but I spent all my money on tuition and can't afford a car. Honestly, I'm not mad. Just disappointed because of all the positive signals I got. Oh well, back to writing cover letters and probably more pointless trips to Toronto that end up accomplishing nothing more than costing me money and making me fall farther behind in my courses. Hooray.
  7. Here I was thinking that the email I got calling me a very impressive candidate and how happy they were to meet me, combined with all the other stuff during the interview, meant I was basically guaranteed the job. I haven't gotten rejected, but I'm now a lot less sure of my phone ringing after 5 pm tomorrow than I was 10 minutes ago.
  8. Fair enough. It's not exactly normal, but I wouldn't say steak and Sprite is offputting either. But, if one is the type of person to go over every detail and obsess about mostly pointless stuff when thinking about why they didn't get an offer, then it's better to be safe. Just for their own sanity. I'm now hoping I get asked if I'd like water or something before an actual in-firm interview so I can request a glass of milk.
  9. I mean, I’ll just drink the wine, but how does a sparkling water differ from a soft drink? I don’t think people are going to be going around smelling glasses to make sure it’s water and not sprite.
  10. I think the “official” name is still University of Western Ontario. At least that’s the name I think (read: hope) will be on my degree. Either way, you’re fine.
  11. Your intentions are in the right place, but we aren't in a position to do anything that is of much help to him/her. Diplock touched on it, and said it more eloquently than I will, but their best option is to seek professional help. I don't think I'm going out on much of a limb when I say that none of us here can provide that.
  12. Since no one else is answering, I'll give you a basic answer that you may or may not like. ECs and undergrad grades don't matter much. The type of undergrad degree can matter in select circumstances if it's business or science/engineering. My opinion on networking for OCIs is that it doesn't do anything unless you're close friends with a partner or something. No one cares about the 15 minute long coffee chat you had with a junior associate or articling student. I'm not gonna say anything about grades. Not because I can't or don't know, but I know what it's like being a 1L and all it's going to do is set a pointless target for you and add to the stress. Just get the best grades you can. What I will say is that, according to the facts sheet the CDO sent out during the summer, about 85% of students participating in OCIs got at least one interview. So, congrats, you're almost guaranteed an interview if you apply somewhat broadly and don't totally shit the bed in 1L, and grades matter less and less once you're gotten an interview.
  13. You’ve been told this before, but really, you need to relax. You’ve asked basically this same thing a number of times already and the answer isn’t changing over the course of a week, month, or however long you’ve been asking it. Calm down, do your best, and leave what’s out of your control alone.
  14. You're probably right about it being indicative of nothing. But of course one of my four changed back to reviewed today just to mess with me a little more. I don't usually care about stupid stuff that is totally out of my control like this, so I really don't know why I'm obsessing over whether the box says reviewed or not reviewed. Oh well, it'll be over soon enough and I can move on to applying for other jobs after I get offered zero interviews.
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