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  1. Shankar

    How much weight do Ontario schools put on LORs?

    Agree, probably not much at all. It's anecdotal, but I had two relatively crappy letters and received acceptances. Take from that what you will.
  2. I didn't do a law BA, but I took a bunch (about 8 ) undergrad law classes. They're useless. Sure, I had a bit of background knowledge on Morgentaler, Bedford, knew some division of power stuff and learned a bit about negligence, which helped for the first 15 mins those topics were discussed in class but everything was new beyond that. So, effectively, they helped for about 45 minutes of constitutional this semester, 15 minutes of criminal, and were no help at all in property, torts, and contracts. Take it if it interests you and you can do well, but don't do it only if you think it'll give you some sort of advantage in 1L or beyond.
  3. It's counted as a full course load. I did 4 courses in each semester of 3rd year and it wasn't a problem.
  4. Shankar

    Living on campus vs. off?

    Only basing this on the very little bit I can tell about you from your post history on here, so take it with a grain of salt. But I'd recommend you don't live on campus simply because you seem like someone who needs to mentally escape from school. Living off campus can give you the mental break that living on campus and seeing the library out your window may not. It's totally fine if that is something you need, it's a lot better to be comfortable than constantly worried. Also, don't worry about readings. I did none for a good 6 week stretch between mid September and the end of October and I still managed to do the vast majority of them. I have been doing 12 hour study days since about the last week of classes, but that's only because I screwed myself and took 6 weeks off. Either way, exams have been going fine, so whatever. You'll also have summaries and other things to supplement your own notes. Some of them are very helpful, some of them are not. You'll figure it out for yourself, but you'll never need to study more than a few hours a day to stay caught. I'll qualify all that I said above with that I don't go to McGill, but I doubt the workload between schools is significant.
  5. Shankar

    Getting a bad grade in Fall 2018

    No, it can't. The greatest "damage" it can do is going from 20 A+s to 19 A+s and 1 B+ in a L2 calculation. That moves a 4.0 GPA to a 3.97. That already inconsequential 0.03 drop is reduced even further if one is in the very likely scenario of not having straight A+s. Don't make people feel even more unreasonably nervous than they already are.
  6. Shankar

    Applying to access AND general category?

    I’m fairly certain that the school will just move your application from the access to the general category if you apply access and the school doesn’t think it’s warranted. Ask the schools themselves if you want confirmation.
  7. Shankar

    Chances? Mediocre GPA [3.05, 3.48]

    That's fair, people can tolerate different amounts of studying. I couldn't bring myself to do more than a few hours a day because my practice tests were well above what I needed to get accepted to a school I'd be happy attending. Others may want or need close to perfection. The more relevant issue is that not everyone can score in the range needed to get accepted. Way more than three percent of people would be scoring in the 170s if that wasn't true. Simply having prepared better than the person sitting beside you doesn't mean that you will score better than them on the test, which is what differentiates the LSAT from most other exams which are knowledge-based.
  8. Shankar

    Chances? Mediocre GPA [3.05, 3.48]

    Again, the LsAT is learnable, but only to a certain extent. Working more does not always equal a higher score. With that said, it's worth looking into the tutor to see how much it'll help you. As for the other stuff, those are admirable career goals, but law school isn't the only way to achieve them. The immediate, and probably more practical, jump in my mind is to something like social work or becoming a paralegal. You may also find similarly fulfilling work through certain government agencies. But I'm not the best person to ask about this because my interests lie elsewhere and I've done little if any research into jobs and job prospects there. I'm sure you can get some great advice about alternatives if you asked around.
  9. Shankar

    Chances? Mediocre GPA [3.05, 3.48]

    If you've been working at it for a month and still having trouble understanding the questions, that's a pretty big issue. Are you just doing practice tests and not really reviewing them? if you're doing that, go back and take the time to figure out why you're getting questions wrong. If you are doing that and still don't understand the test, it may be worth hiring a tutor. I never did, so someone else would be more helpful here, but apparently they're helpful. It's also worth asking why you want law school more than anything? There are other careers out there that offer aspects of what law offers and may be more practical from both a likelihood of success perspective and a time and financial commitment perspective.
  10. Shankar

    Chances? Mediocre GPA [3.05, 3.48]

    Definitely don't do that. Not only is it a horrible idea from a emotional/mental health standpoint, it's counterproductive. There's a point at which you'll see diminishing returns in your studies because there is a point at which you'll start to burn out. It's also a test of aptitude, meaning there is only a certain point any one person can reach. It's not as if you can just study enough and get a 180 or whatever your goal score may be. If you want my opinion, about 10-15 hours a week in the couple months leading up to the test is enough.
  11. Some of these comments are so ridiculous. If I read that I'd need stellar marks and excellent ECs and need to spend 70 hours a week on them just to maybe get an articling job when I was a 0L I would've withdrawn my applications and went to work at McDonald's. Seriously, how can anyone say that the time they spend on school related things approaches anywhere near 70 hours a week with a straight face? I do like half that ... on a busy week.
  12. Shankar

    Corporate or Ethics?

    A few courses have corporate as a prerequisite, so you wouldn't be able to take those until the second semester of second year at the earliest. I don't think ethics is a prerequisite for anything. I don't think one is objectively better to take in 1L than the other because your career goals among other things have to be considered, but corporate is definitely the much more popular choice.
  13. Shankar

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    Anecdotal, but I got into Western with a 158. I wasn't accepted super early, but it was quite a bit before even the wait list was made, so I'd say you have a shot.
  14. Shankar

    Medical Documentation

    I had to get some documentation too. The note I got from my surgeon said something to the effect of, "this is the issue, this is the degree to which it was an issue, this is what was done to fix it, this is proof that the issue is resolved" It was no trouble for me and I'm assuming it's fairly standard for doctors to write these.
  15. Shankar

    L2/B2/B3 Law Schools?

    The info is on each school's website, but I have this bit of useless info memorized still, so I'll help you out. Dal is L2 or CGPA (whichever is higher), Queen's is B2, Western is L2, U o fT is B3, U o A is L2 (technically last 60 credits, so the actual length could vary), Calgary is L2, and Sask is B2. Since it's also somewhat relevant, Uvic, UBC, Manitoba, and UNB also drop some of your lowest grades.