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  1. Some of these comments are so ridiculous. If I read that I'd need stellar marks and excellent ECs and need to spend 70 hours a week on them just to maybe get an articling job when I was a 0L I would've withdrawn my applications and went to work at McDonald's. Seriously, how can anyone say that the time they spend on school related things approaches anywhere near 70 hours a week with a straight face? I do like half that ... on a busy week.
  2. Shankar

    Corporate or Ethics?

    A few courses have corporate as a prerequisite, so you wouldn't be able to take those until the second semester of second year at the earliest. I don't think ethics is a prerequisite for anything. I don't think one is objectively better to take in 1L than the other because your career goals among other things have to be considered, but corporate is definitely the much more popular choice.
  3. Shankar

    Chances for Fall 2019 [3.8, 158]

    Anecdotal, but I got into Western with a 158. I wasn't accepted super early, but it was quite a bit before even the wait list was made, so I'd say you have a shot.
  4. Shankar

    Medical Documentation

    I had to get some documentation too. The note I got from my surgeon said something to the effect of, "this is the issue, this is the degree to which it was an issue, this is what was done to fix it, this is proof that the issue is resolved" It was no trouble for me and I'm assuming it's fairly standard for doctors to write these.
  5. Shankar

    L2/B2/B3 Law Schools?

    The info is on each school's website, but I have this bit of useless info memorized still, so I'll help you out. Dal is L2 or CGPA (whichever is higher), Queen's is B2, Western is L2, U o fT is B3, U o A is L2 (technically last 60 credits, so the actual length could vary), Calgary is L2, and Sask is B2. Since it's also somewhat relevant, Uvic, UBC, Manitoba, and UNB also drop some of your lowest grades.
  6. Shankar


    I put them on there when I applied, along with some merit scholarships. Partly because I thought they were what was meant by "academic honours," and partly because I had nothing else to put there and didn't want to leave it blank. Either way, it likely won't matter. Try not to overthink the little things in your application, they aren't worth the time.
  7. Shankar

    1L Schedule

    On a somewhat related and less whiney note, I stumbled upon my contracts syllabus and readings list on OWL and it looks almost like not enough work.
  8. Shankar

    1L Schedule

    My 10:30 start on Thursday isn't looking too bad any more ... I guess everyone will have at least the majority of their classes in the morning, but not necessarily all 8:30 starts. I'm planning on doing it some time over the weekend. If I could put it off, I would, but it doesn't look like we'll have much time off during o week.
  9. Shankar

    1L Schedule

    I do too. It's just how the scheduling software works (or whatever you want to call it). Nothing to worry about.
  10. Shankar

    1L Schedule

    I exaggerated a bit. I'm just really not a morning person and hated looking at three 8:30 classes a week, another starting at 9, and all this time off in the afternoon
  11. Shankar

    1L Schedule

    I would've preferred to not see that. This schedule is so bad that it has made me consider withdrawing and giving it another shot next year.
  12. Shankar

    Rejected 2018

    Yay, rejected. I'm finally done with applications. CGPA: 3.35 L2: 3.82 LSAT 158 No significant ECs or work experience, but i did fill out part B.
  13. Shankar

    Rejected from Queen's 2018

    Me too cgpa: 3.35 L2/B2: 3.82 158 LSAT Was kinda expecting an acceptance eventually, but I am a bit happy in a weird way because at least now I won't have to make the choice between Western and Queen's
  14. Shankar

    Will I Get In? (3.0, 150)

    Alberta definitely includes Summer courses if they're part of your L2. I wouldn't have gotten in there if they didn't.
  15. Shankar

    Accepted 2018

    Probably a stupid question, but how do I decline the offer after already paying the deposit? I don't see any option to do so anywhere on the website and couldn't find any instructions.