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  1. Did anyone else find that calls came slower/more spread out than expected, or was I just at the bottom of the pile for firms to call?
  2. If you don’t mind me asking, which branch did you hear from?
  3. Same, got the email a few hours ago. I'm surprised by how early they sent them given that the deadline was only Friday. But hey, not complaining, at least now I know I'll have a reason to wake up on Oct. 16.
  4. What they’re saying is that they require applicants to have the value of 3 full years of credits completed before applying, but the majority have completed 4 full years worth of credits (I.e. a completed degree). Whether you complete those years’ worth of credits full time or part time is your choice, but they prefer full time.
  5. Assuming it isn't some kind of spectacular position, the chances of any admissions department contacting a verifier are very low. But, if you're still worried about your employer knowing, I've heard of others in a similar position using a trusted co-worker as their verifier. I didn't do it, but it seems like a good enough alternative given how unlikely it is that verifiers get contacted.
  6. I got an email from Gowling this morning. First interviews look like the week of the 17th, with second interviews on the 24th-25th.
  7. Don't worry about it now, you'll get all you need from your JPs during orientation week. Enjoy the rest of the summer.
  8. Without transferring or getting a letter of permission I'm fairly certain you wouldn't be allowed. I'm not sure how letters of permission work or the process of getting one, but it might be something to look into if you haven't already.
  9. Thanks guys, I appreciate it. This has been really helpful.
  10. Thanks for the response. I think I've narrowed down my interests like you suggest and don't intend on applying to positions for the sake of applying. Regarding 3, do you have any tips to show that I'm not a flight risk beyond course work, ECs, and the like? Or are those things about all that one can do? I know geography and local ties can play into this as well, but there isn't much that can be done about where I'm from and where I have family ties. Thanks for the response as well. I guess I'd like to ask the same question as I did above about showing interest. Any added advice or something I might be overlooking would be helpful. Also, there probably isn't an absolute answer to this, but how much less competitive would you say the articling recruit is compared to the 2L recruit? It's something I've been wondering quite a bit about lately, and I understand that I'm definitely still not the most competitive applicant, but I'm thinking that I'm much more competitive than I was during the 2L recruit with most of the top students already employed.
  11. Now that things are starting to reopen and the articling recruit has started in some areas, I've been wondering how broadly I should apply for an articling position. Prior to the pandemic, I had more or less settled on participating only in the Toronto articling recruit, but I feel like I might have to cast a wider net now. In terms of where I'd like to work, it's definitely Toronto because I grew up there, my family and girlfriend live there, and it's the city I see myself living in long term. With that said, I'm not entirely opposed to working somewhere else in the GTA (Mississauga, Markham, etc.), or possibly somewhere farther like Ottawa or Hamilton. I go to Western and have about average grades. I have a very run of the mill transcript, with some B+s, some B-s, and nothing above or below that with the exception of the mandatory Ps I got this semester. I was able to get some OCIs, in firms, and some other interviews for jobs posted outside the recruit, so I'm confident enough in my ability to put together an application that can at least get my foot in the door at some firms, and I like to think that I don't have an entirely off-putting personality. But, again, what I'm worried about now is the number of doors that I'll have the opportunity to try to stick my foot in. As for work, I'm mostly interested in solicitor type work. Specifically, business/commercial law, but beggars can't be choosers and I'd be open to many areas of law, with the few exceptions being mostly in areas that my application probably wouldn't get looked at anyway. So, should I stick with the Toronto articling recruit, or should I expand my search?
  12. The main reason I asked was because the timing of it was weird. I applied on a Sunday night and within 30 minutes I got an email congratulating me and saying I'll receive an email to do an assessment later, which made me think it was an automated response they send to everyone. But maybe it was a good thing. Anyway, thanks for the response. The posting closed not long ago, so I'm sure they're still sending them out. Good luck.
  13. Just out of curiosity, did anyone apply to RBC? I was wondering if they sent the assessment thing to everyone. They worded the emails in a way that made it seem like you were actually selected for something and moved forward in the process, but I have my doubts.
  14. In my experience, June is a good time to start looking. Tenants generally have to give 2 months notice before moving out, so if you want to move in for September, the openings for September will be known by the end of June for the most part. I wouldn't worry about not being able to find somewhere because London is a renter's market for the most part, but the nicer buildings tend to fill up fairly quickly. As for how I found my apartment, I don't really remember. I think I just searched for apartments for rent in London and sifted through the postings to find some places that I thought I might like. Definitely not the most efficient way of finding a place. Let me know if you'd like some more specific information on buildings/areas that law students generally live in. I'd recommend joining the class of 2023 Facebook group if you haven't already. There's probably people looking for roommates there already. If not, there will be soon.
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