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  1. That's the name of the thing that appears, gradebook. Something was telling me dropbox wasn't the right name after I wrote that.
  2. In each individual class page on OWL, a new option to select called "Drop Box" will appear among the options on the left side of the page (with "overview", "syllabus", "content", "resources", etc.). Your grades will be posted there on Monday I guess, which I still find odd. Every other year, all of the grades came out on the same day.
  3. I got mine yesterday afternoon, but I'm a 3L and we don't get our grades through OWL. Strange how upper years got their grades but 1Ls didn't get their midterm grades. I imagine they'd be up today though. Making you wait the weekend would be cruel lol.
  4. To make it even funnier, @SyndicateXII claims to have a 179. Rewriting a high 170 twice. Sounds completely believable.
  5. Yeah, expect them the afternoon of Jan 7. Jan 8 at the latest.
  6. If you're gonna say something nonsensical, at least stay with the theme of the thread and call it a kick to the junk.
  7. I don't know if you'll have any luck asking about that job in this thread because we're mostly 3Ls and that job has a start date that is before we graduate, so we wouldn't have been eligible to apply. At least it better have said that, because I didn't apply because I'm pretty sure I read that lol
  8. I know of Western Profs who teach it and others who support using it. Like @BringBackCrunchBerries said, it can be useful but it's not necessary.
  9. In 1L I fundamentally messed up the negligence analysis (don't ask, I read fast, misread, and overthought) for a Torts exam that was 100% about the negligence analysis. I got a B-. Don't sweat it. It's pretty hard to get a C or D and basically impossible to fail unless you write nonsense that didn't even relate to the course.
  10. Gonna start working on my LPP registration so at least I won't get rejected from that. In all seriousness, kinda bummed. I thought I had a pretty good chance at at least one place. Is there a sort of mini articling recruit that happens after the formal recruit like there usually is for the 2L recruit, or is it time to cold email and apply to the positions that pop up here and there?
  11. I've just started believing that the only call I might be getting between 5 and 6 pm today is one from a CRA scammer lol
  12. Did anyone else find that calls came slower/more spread out than expected, or was I just at the bottom of the pile for firms to call?
  13. If you don’t mind me asking, which branch did you hear from?
  14. Same, got the email a few hours ago. I'm surprised by how early they sent them given that the deadline was only Friday. But hey, not complaining, at least now I know I'll have a reason to wake up on Oct. 16.
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