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  1. westcoastemma

    Accepted 2016

    Declined my offer, hope it goes to one of you!
  2. westcoastemma

    Accepted 2016

    In yesterday evening. 3.61 GPA 163 LSAT Will be declining. Hope it goes to an LS-er!
  3. westcoastemma

    Accepted 2016

    In! cGPA: 3.61 L2: 3.58 (I think?) LSAT: 163 Super happy/super confused as I'm in at both of my top choices now... Big decisions to be made! Congrats everyone
  4. westcoastemma

    Ask a 1L student

    Thanks for starting this! Haven't been accepted to Western yet (fingers crossed), but it seems like an awesome law school. I was wondering if either of you (or anyone else reading this) have experience with the Sports Solution Clinic? I read about it on the website, so I guess I'm mainly curious now as to what the workload is like and whether you found it to be a rewarding experience. Thanks again
  5. westcoastemma

    Accepted 2016

    Accepted on Jan. 5th GPA: 3.61/4.00 LSAT: 163 Congrats everyone!
  6. westcoastemma

    Accepted 2016

    Accepted! CGPA: 3.61 LSAT: 163 Congrats to everyone else accepted so far!
  7. westcoastemma

    Exchange grades & GPA calculation

    Makes sense. Thank you!
  8. westcoastemma

    Accepted 2016

    Just received the call as well! CGPA: 3.78/4.33 after drops (3.68 before drops) LSAT: 163 I'm from the west coast so UVic is one of my top choices. Congrats to everyone who's been accepted so far and good luck to those waiting
  9. westcoastemma

    about to give up on RC

    I struggled with RC a lot too and didn't really find a successful strategy until the last month before the test date. The RC section is pretty consistent in terms of the first passage being the easiest and the last passage being one of the hardest, so I trained myself to get through the first passage as quickly as possible -- I'm a slow reader so no more than 7 minutes there. For the next two passages I gave myself more time because I knew they'd be harder (no more than 9 minutes each) and as soon as a question stumped me I'd skip it...no fixating on that question because there's not enough time. By the time I got to the final passage, I usually didn't get through all the questions but since I knew it would be one of the hardest passages, I felt that I could justify missing a question or two at the end. I managed to pull of -6 on test day, whereas I was averaging -8 on practice tests, and I aced the first two passages. Probably not the best score compared to a lot of people on this site, but I struggled a lot with the LSAT overall so this strategy worked for me. Which resources are you using to study for RC? I'd recommend 7Sage when practicing for easier passages. I found that the speed at which JY reads and watching which details he chooses to fixate on in the passage are very effective for training yourself.
  10. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows whether exchange grades are included in Western's CGPA/L2 calculations? On their website it says that exchange grades are "considered," but I'm not sure if that means the grades are just looked at or actually included. Thanks!
  11. westcoastemma

    Accepted 2016

    Hey guys, first time poster! Accepted yesterday afternoon... CGPA: 3.63/4.0 (I think my last 2 were pretty similar) LSAT: 163 Definitely surprised to have been accepted so early. Good luck to everyone waiting!