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  1. I heard from a 3rd year at UVic yesterday that some of the regional firms don't send out ITC. That goes to show how conflicting some of the information is these days. Also, emails are still coming in so don't fret! I just received my most recent one at 9:25am. Good luck everyone!
  2. I went business casual last year (dress pants, dress shirt, nice shoes, no tie). Some people wore ties and blazers. Anything along those lines will work. I went alone, as did many others. Some people brought their parents. It was a few speeches and then just chatting with people. Food selection was alright - don't expect to be blown away.
  3. Update: sold my car before school started. I walk, bike and bus to school. There haven't been any issues. The only time I miss my car is when I travel to the ferry to head back to the mainland. Soooo many people bike. I ended up not getting a bike locker and just lock my bike up outside the law building (we call it the Fraser building). I've only heard of one bike being stolen so far - a person forgot their lock so they just left it outside and someone took it. Generally, the bus system has been pretty good with the odd complaint here and there.
  4. You can always learn more "facts" by picking up a book on evidence later. Law school is more about opening your mind to new ways to think than it is to learn about specific topics. Take what you're interested in.
  5. Rumour has it they are approx. 30 ppl above their normal cutoff. This info was from the rumour mill from some of the upper years so I can't guarantee the accuracy.
  6. That says it all right there.
  7. Scotiabank contact list: http://www.scotiabank.com/ca/common/pdf/personal_banking/Scotiabank_SPSP_representative_English.pdf
  8. Okay so a lot of banking professionals aren't properly trained on how a credit score is determined - in fact, most of the information is passed down from senior banking professionals who learned from other senior banking professionals when they were just learning. As a result, assumptions and generally accepted theories are passed down as facts despite a lack of hard evidence. This information is then passed onto clients which results in circumstances where they say "closing the credit card will erase your good credit with us." Total crap. After having seen hundreds of credit reports from both transunion and equifax I can tell you exactly what happens when you close a credit facility: 1. It will show as closed on your credit report but it will still be on the report 2. It will stop reporting at the time you close it but won't update to say it's "closed"; however, when anyone pulls your credit in like 2019 they'll see that credit facility last reported in August 2016 and can reasonably assume it has been closed. Sometimes they'll still attempt to get written confirmation though. How closing a credit card can negatively affect your credit: 1. The credit report will stop reporting so if you are building up good credit that will stop contributing; however, if you replace it with a different card and keep doing the same thing it won't really have much, if any, impact. 2. It could potentially harm your credit utilization. One thing on a credit report that regular people don't really have a look at because they're so focused on their FICO/TUBS, etc. is that it also takes into account credit utilization. For example, if you have a credit card with a $5k limit and a line of credit with a $5k limit and you have a $2500 balance on the line of credit your credit utilization is 25% (2500/10000). If you close your credit card now your credit utilization jumps to 50% (2500/5000) which can lower your credit score... very slightly in the short term. Since you're taking out a $100k LOC and two new $5k credit cards closing the TD card will have minimal, if any, impact. I just got the Scotia LOC and the two credit cards myself and closed 3 other $5k credit cards without blinking because I know it won't really impact my credit, especially since I don't foresee myself needing any other borrowing until after law school is completed. Keep in mind this is not financial advice but are my opinions based on my personal experience and may not be applicable to your exact situation (gotta include a disclaimer haha). Hopefully this information helps.
  9. On June 3rd I was #53 On August 3rd I was #29 (today) 24 spots over 2 months. I'm already committed elsewhere anyways but thought I would share for those of you still waiting or hopeful.
  10. m Yeah, the Visa showed up on my online banking right away and the PIN came in the mail really quick. The Amex came about a week later and also showed up on my online banking later.
  11. I had 4 W's. Got in to all 6 of the schools that I applied to no problem (well, wait listed at one of those due to falling just below the index score cut off). I didn't say anything about my W's in my personal statements.
  12. Make sure you see a Small Business Advisor. I have a friend who works at TD and he said regular reps won't know what they're doing. (For the record, I went to Scotia and got Prime).
  13. Unnecessary. Do not pay. That's probably the rep just trying to hit their loan fee targets. If it was a $500 deposit to an account to activate it that would sound more reasonable (even tho it's not needed), but a $500 fee? Just say no.
  14. I was told today that I was number 53 on the wait list so it looks like I won't have to make any tough decisions since it doesn't move that much
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