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  1. Almost like there isn't a wealth of talent who don't have some specific number of years of experience on their CV, but who otherwise are talented and cheaper.
  2. We do no such thing. We merely tell the court what's happening, and typically have them agree with us when we're right. /Mostly a joke
  3. There's more to be said, but one big concern with PI is the future of it. No fault schemes are becoming more and more common. Within 5 years your entire practice might get legislated away (see BC now). Beyond that, one issue with poor PI firms can be they just do routine monotonous volume work and settle out everything. See the Diamond and Diamonds of the world. You're not helping regular people then. You're helping line Jeremy Diamond's pocket, a grade A hustler who just uses the law for his own aims.
  4. The fries at McDonald are the best when they're crispy. Why ruin it with a sad attempt at poutine? If anyone finds themselves in Montreal, I can give you the secret but not so secret best spots for poutine. #whydidileave
  5. I don't know how parents work. I'm working from home and fostering a dog who's the least maintenance dog you've ever met. I still feel swamped.
  6. False. It is often difficult to get social justice related work, depending on how a student or lawyer views "social justice". It's out there. But it's false to presume it's easy, and kind of insulting to people who do the work to presume it's "easy" to get. I've found it far more difficult to "get" than typical law jobs, such as employment, insurance defence, corporate, etc.
  7. Further to this, I want to point something out: Some students aim to minimize debt from day one. That's great for them. You can absolutely work summer jobs and make between 8-15 grand depending on what work you're doing (tips, shifts, prior training for a professional job, etc). Personally, I graduated with debt. I could have worked non law jobs in my field and made a lot more money than I did. I didn't because I chose to focus on public interest work that pays less, debt be damned. I didn't join this profession for the money (entirely anyway; obviously it's a part of it and I tend to raise a brow to those who say it's not at all their motivation). I find those who say you can graduate with little to no debt typically have help from mom and dad, and have the majority if not their entire motivation be money. I like volunteering my time and expertise. That doesn't make me financially irresponsible. In fact, because I'm aware of my likely outcome in this profession, I'd say I'm more aware because I'm looking beyond the start of my career. Kudos to those who do that too.
  8. I suspect the user had a lot of help from the Bank of Mom and Dad.
  9. I just wish Canada had In n out. If I ever considered big law, it would only be in California so my firm would pay for my late night In n Out runs.
  10. Not entirely. You could move to Europe. But then you wouldn't have that much money. Or you'd have that money but work just as much as here at a giant firm again.
  11. How does it not totally knock you out? It's delicious but so so heavy for a lunch meal.
  12. Aside from being able to afford property in an urban area in Canada? I kid. It is very obvious what it's for.
  13. Do you regret the move? The ocean has always called my name but I've always been hesitant.
  14. I found articling not that stressful. There were times that were bumpy, of course. Sometimes because I was learning how to do a new thing under time constraints. Sometimes because the lawyer unnecessarily created a tense situation timing wise. There were times I worked until 2, sure. There were times I had to find busy work (see admin work like cleaning up emails, docketing, etc). That's the nature of it. But ultimately articling is this weird halfway house between "pure school" where the only consequences are to yourself, and "lawyering" where consequences are to your clients. That's not to say I didn't do my best work. Just that I didn't feel that if I made a mistake, I'd be screwing someone over. As a lawyer, that's a thing. As an articling student, you're not the end signature. Articling also showed me I'm a lot smarter than a lot of lawyers, and that there are a lot of lawyers smarter than me. And that being "smart" and being "competent" aren't the same thing.
  15. Can anyone speak to the opposite potentially being true? I've been talking to people at various firms and it seems like hiring has been done. To me at least, it seems cold right now. Maybe I've just been unlucky. Is it possible it's just for full service firms in the business law side of things? How's litigation?
  16. Issue is they didn't make clear what's expected. With no billable target, how do you know to surpass it? *Assuming that's what's true. Otherwise you have a point. Still, a bit shady if you ask me.
  17. Two points. 1. A firm shouldn't be expecting people to work beyond hours expected of them, unless it's communicated that this is preferred, and or that their compensation can be positively influenced. 2. Work isn't always given equitably. Very often, students just aren't handed as much work as others. In the absence of knowing they should work more (or knowing that if they do they'll get more compensation), they won't go and seek out more work. For example, assuming being done at 7pm is fine and not needing to add to the plate.
  18. I'm not in a position of shifting with a lawyer position locked up (yet), unfortunately. Fresh call looking for the "first" job is rough. To be fair I'm not applying to just any firm regardless of area of law or reputation. But my CV speaks for itself so I'm being somewhat picky, for now.
  19. If only people gave a shit about fresh calls.
  20. Yeah. I always thought hiring a 1L would present a far bigger risk than 2L, because in 2L you have way more similar firms to choose from - and no offence to Denton's, but higher caliber ones. The 2L recruit is the "last shot" at the summer and articling programs of big full-service type firms, mostly. So students feel a lot more pressure to not "try their luck" at the articling recruit. Or am I missing something?
  21. Neither of your usernames strike confidence in me that either of you would know.
  22. Silly thinking, considering They're fairly well known for quality down south, who still pays probably twice as much as Davies for the same hours.
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