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  1. As much as I like the new nickname, kindly let me be
  2. Please please leave me a slot on the 4th. My work starts early enough that I absolutely must write the 4th to have a chance at any travel this summer
  3. That's what irks me. I still prepare because I have anxiety that makes me need to, but I can't for the life of me see how this ever measures legal competence, or how it will ever be useful for me in practice. And yet my summer is mostly burned anyway. Thanks for charging me good money to waste my summer LSO!
  4. Cassels doesn't either. I don't think it's a function of size, but rather a function of alumni network willing to trek out to Montreal for a day. Which is crazy to me. I'd pay for a day in Montreal!
  5. McGill teaches both Ontario and Quebec law for the black letter law courses like civ pro, and definitely all the 1L courses. I'd say close to 60-90 of us in any year end up in Ontario for articling, and knowledge wise you're not at any sort of disadvantage. McGill distinctly caters to Ontario law because of this. As for the recruit, smaller firms doing the recruit don't go to McGill (like aird berlis and firms of that size) while they do go to the likes of western, os, queens, etc. But most of the high end national/boutiques do (lenczner, davies, etc). Still something like 50 percent of mcgillians who apply to the recruit get hired by recruitment employers (either through the OCI or direct in firm). I don't know what that stat is for other Ontario schools since they don't publish how many actually apply, but I'd hazard it's similar. A B or even B- to B average will get you enough OCI interviews to have a reasonable shot at a job. Almost everyone I know had articles lines up by the time the articling recruit happened. Which is earlier than what I've heard about other schools, since apparantly close to 20-30 percent of students don't find articles until the end of their last year. Go to McGill. Save tuition money and rent and have a great 3 years in Montreal. Even stay - many do
  6. My immediate thought too. I imagine that firm bleeding talent for years to come with that. And many other firms that try to pull the same stunt too.
  7. McGill actually does well for putting people on that law/journalism path and you seem to have a strong enough application for there (assuming your ECs are there). Since it's cheaper and makes you bilingual and trains you transystemically, it's useful to an extent for that type of career. Journalism is also unfortunately dwindling so having a law degree is a good back up plan for sure. So going to a cheap law school, depending on how old you are, sounds good. I'd recommend McGill for just this. Going to an expensive law school, don't. You'd lock yourself into needing a law wage to pay off your debt.
  8. I said thanks to your second comment. But I do think you're a bit hard on Blocked.
  9. It's been a while but some things to do with spin, something with s or something, diagrams, etc. I really don't remember much. I was in an advanced STEM program so a bunch of this might have already been university level.
  10. I remember doing quantum chem in grade 11. That's around when I decided to leave STEM. Though really it was bio that did it for me. Quantum chem was hard but fun.
  11. I didn't say it was wild because it was difficult. I said it was wild because having a law professor give a 100, let alone having multiple give 100s, seems more difficult to do given the subjectivity inherent in law than getting 100 percent on a math exam. But I stopped math after high school so maybe university math is less objective than I think it is.
  12. Trudeau pandering for student votes. What else is new? But the news didn't really cover this much, at least from what I saw. The anger directed at Ford was just too large I guess.
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