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  1. If only it weren't too hilariously sad that a lot of my trauma has to do with people questioning my identity.
  2. Listen. I don't wear it on me, for my own personal reasons, but I'm a BIPOC and have had it very literally cause me trauma that I deal with to this day. You're dead wrong here. Dead wrong. You got a job offer at a firm. Clearly they think you're a good student, since there's literally hundreds of unemployed 3Ls willing to take on a summer job next summer to try and article the year after. Some clerks were rude to you? Tough. That's an HR issue. That's NOT something that warrants the behaviour you're contemplating. Do whatever you will. But I and others won't let you use the very real lived experiences of BIPOC individuals to somehow shelter you from being told you're being shitty. That makes you even more shitty.
  3. Economics because it's way more interesting, and in my mind useful as education than an MBA. But if you only want it as a route to big law, then the MBA makes more sense. But that's a hefty debt bill to increase your odds at a six figure job starting in the low 100s.
  4. I'm not giving you legal advice. You're in law school so this should be setting your own alarm bells off.
  5. Yes. Don't accept then back out. Even ignoring potential legal ramifications, that will tank your reputation.
  6. Prof: "The language in this case showed that not everything that sounds like an offer constitutes an offer, and that mere puffery isn't enough." Student question: "So what you're saying is that mere puffery doesn't constitute an offer?" Prof: "Yes.. that's what I just said" Student: "ok, thank you. I just wanted to clarify that I understand the ratio dicidendi of the case" Prof: rolls his eyes and moves on after emitting an audible groan into their mic. @realpseudonym was the above you?
  7. I got heat molded ones but they're still not that great. I have to get custom insoles too, since that's likely the culprit.
  8. God I miss skiing. And apres ski. And normal life.
  9. Lift lines at Whistler are awful. And it's so busy than even a foot of powder gets skiid out on most of the resort terrain after a half day even. But you can't compare it to blue mountain with a straight face and it's not like blue mountain has better lift lines. Because it's shorter, and because it's the marquee ski resort servicing the GTA, lift lines are often much worse at Blue. I agree though that the interior has by far the best skiing, terrain, and snow. And that's not even considering back country, cat, or heli skiing.
  10. Toronto can be really sunny in the winter. Late Fall and early spring darkens my soul though. But in Vancouver, you drive an hour and a half and you ski at whistler. In toronto, you drive two and a half hours to ski slush for 5 minutes and wait in line for 30 to do it again
  11. This is what I did basically through law school, and I did well. I only ever made full cans in courses I really liked. And notably, while I did on average do a bit better in those classes than normal, it wasn't worth the extra effort for me to have done it in all my classes. I decided to spend the time saved doing extra curriculars, which have served me very well in my career so far.
  12. I like Dineen way more than any particular reason would justify it. So I get why it's busy 😛
  13. You know, I've always wondered I'd being a tribunal adjucator tends to help or hurt eventually becoming a judge, given the vastly different procedures involved.
  14. Started already for a while. A lot of firms have too, including big law, but not all for sure.
  15. I'm jumping in just to say, in terms of connection to Alberta: "I like oil and I firmly believe the future of the world economy is strongly dependent on getting the cleanest oil in the world out to the Pacific and Atlantic" Should do the trick
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