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  1. They've basically placed a Toronto premium on their tuition, while still putting it at a price where they can say "cheapest in Toronto". New applicants, if you can, please go to any other school (not counting windsor dual).
  2. That seems reasonable. 10 students per position. Narrow it by at least 50 percent. 5 left. List your favourites. Maybe cut one per position so 4 left. Normally there's what, a 50 percent offer conversion rate? So 2 offers made. Just in case, you have backups.
  3. Maybe. It's also not that small of a sample, especially when it comes to Toronto. The rules of statistics are applied to samples proportionally for politics with similar relative numbers.. Anyway. Quiet before the storm I guess. Or no storm at all.
  4. Is it just me or has it been much quieter this year on ITCs than last year? At least on this site?
  5. How do they interview 40 candidates in 3 days? That's just crazy. Unless they have like 10 lawyers all interviewing candidates all 3 days.
  6. Only law students would compare waiting on job application results to waiting for execution in the french revolution.
  7. Not sure. English classes fill up quickly though.
  8. Pless is a very fair grader. I don't know about narrain's grading. I have heard that her bias creeps into her grading though.
  9. Oh my God. Pless. Narain is disliked by many. She has an openly biased approach to her teaching. Pless is also biased, as is everyone, but he is explicit about it, and challenges both views regardless. He's also super helpful, which is critical in 1L. Narain has never struck me as helpful or welcoming. Many agree with me. Pless will also teach you from a practitioner's point of view. If you have full academics for your other courses, it's good to also get this perspective. Especially since in upper years there are more practitioners as options, and it's good to know what you like. Go with pless 100 percent.
  10. I know of some specific ones which don't. I won't disclose which.
  11. Right. I guess I agree to you. But effort (as I'm sure you agree) is at least one factor, and minimizing that will still have some impact on grades. A student who's typically top third of their class at a B+ average (or whatever that is on any given school's distribution) would drop to say, median, unless there's also a similar lack of effort sufficiently across the 3L student body. This may in fact be a tip to students who want to improve their grades - 3L typically has a less competitive curve, if you can find a way to compete with other 3Ls. Regardless the best advice is to not drop the ball. Don't spend 12 hours a day in the library (in 3L or in any year, including 1L), but don't not go to class, not read, study 3 days before the exam and hope to maintain your performance from past years. You may. Or you may not. A year of bad grades will sink what was otherwise a good transcript.
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