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  1. I don't think I've ever disagreed with a post as much as this. OP, make time for hobbies. Self fulfillment is an important part of life (and before you're Senior Partnor at Morgans). It'll actually help you do your job better, and your family will like you more for it.
  2. Has absolutely nothing to do with the LSAT as a measurement of aptitude, and entirely with the LSAT only being offered in english. If you write the LSAT and do poorly, McGill will almost certainly reject you. And I say "almost" only in case the person is someone with extremely relevant and important work experience (note: nothing to do with university prelaw clubs; think more UN, or consulting work at McKinsey, or working in a high position at the UN or Human Rights Watch.
  3. It depends on the employer. I believe the law society allows you to start articling earlier (but this may affect your licensing year, and therefore how many years you have to complete the qualifications). Most articling positions that are recruited for (either in the formal 2L recruit, or the following summer articling recruit) start in August so there would be a gap. Many mcgillians take advantage of the gap rather than stressing it. Some write march and travel all spring/summer. Some write the Quebec bar in the winter and the Ontario bar right after (I wouldn't recommend this; timelines would be tight). Some writing NY and Ontario. Some get cool internships. Etc. The world is your oyster.
  4. @Jaggers if someone is articling somewhere that is well regarded, but it's a place that really doesn't hire much of its students back (think 10 percent, if that) because of institutional design - how do they go about getting that next job? obviously networks, etc - but I'm just considering that it seems most "reputable" places tend to hire back their articling students (of course depends on the practice area and the realities of business in that field) - is it better to take a first job that may not be at the best place, and look for laterals after some experience? Or wait it out for more reputable opportunities to open up?
  5. I'll put good money that this isn't what's going to be the bar and employment outcomes for ryerson grads after the first 5 years (if not earlier).
  6. I'm still surprised. I figured in this day and age, you need a doctorate just to get on tenure track somewhere (as a minimum - you also have to be accomplished of course). But she seems very accomplished. I can see why she was picked.
  7. I was surprised they hired a dean without a doctorate
  8. You definitely don't need to live in north york to go to Osgoode.
  9. Ignoring the more obviously ridiculous elements of that post: 200 dollars a month on groceries? And that includes three meals a day plus snacks? How is that even possible anymore, even without ever buying food outside the grocery store? That's roughly just over two dollars a meal.
  10. Makes you wonder what the hell firms are thinking when they hire students firm wide, as opposed to into specific practice areas. Law needs to stop trying to be so generalist when the best very much seem to be specialists.
  11. You haven't applied to any other Toronto school?
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