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  1. https://abovethelaw.com/2020/03/harvard-joins-columbia-in-moving-recruiting-to-next-year/ Canadian firms should really follow suit.
  2. Aren't employers allowed to lay off employees because of financial/business reasons without penalty? *disclaimer I know nothing about employment law
  3. No. fees from lawyers should cover it as a back pay. And of course those should be based on income level. Yes, I believe those with more should support those with less.
  4. Nah. An uptick in legit claims that insurance companies don't pay out.
  5. I know. I quoted the duty and still think the duty should be more onerous, for cases of bad faith principals.
  6. They really should just make the onus more heavy on the employer who backs out. You want to back out? Sure. But you need to do more than something vague like "help the student find another position, and make clear to interviewers that the student lost the position through no fault of their own" (paraphrased). Maybe for every week the employer can't get you an interview/job of a similar quality of training and pay, the law society pays half of your would be wages from your original contract while the original employer covers the rest. Would be nice. But I guess I'm in dream land.
  7. Not sure if CDO posts those numbers but I'd say anywhere from 10-20 people clerk every year probably. And not many in Quebec. We have a lot of people clerk federally because of the language benefit.
  8. Can I get a 10 month abridgment if my employers backs out?* *semi serious.
  9. I had three separate classes have me and go listen to lawyers in french who clearly didnt know how to project their voices, and then write about it. Readings. Your peers in class asking (sometimes) important questions in french and then the prof answering in french. Montreal is a lot more fun if you can speak french. Go to the bars. Make non law friends. Get into the Montreal scene outside of the faculty, for your benefit as a human being.
  10. Write a paper over the summer in a field of interest (check to see if summer courses are pass fail too) and then submit it to competitions. Something faster than a journal publication if your goal is the 2L recruit, because you won't get published by then.
  11. It seems American OCIs are being pushed to January after employers pleaded with schools to do so. I suspect Canadian OCIs follow suit soon enough.
  12. Many firms and organizations haven't even responded to inquiries, let alone decided what's going to happen. Patience is best, but the anxiety is rough being stuck inside I imagine.
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