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  1. I don't think we're actually disagreeing. I think you're on a "disagree with me" bend lately for whatever reason.
  2. I am clearly ready to be an SCC judge. I am just waiting my turn and doing the grunt work we all have to do. /S Joking obviously. No, there are absolutely skills you'll develop. I'd say most. Predispositioned intellect and privilege will obviously help and be determinative to some extent, but as the eternal optimist, I believe they're less determinative than more. In other words, your destiny is in your hands more so than it isn't. And you can develop skills as you see a need for them.
  3. Agreed. My reading is now exclusively reserved for weekends in which I work less than 5 hours. My novel shelf of "read" has gotten smaller than my shelf "to read".
  4. I've heard the same with US firms and practice groups.
  5. You know, we may even run in the same circles or possibly know each other without knowing it 😂
  6. Fair enough. I'll defer here. I really would have thought mental health files would involve vicarious trauma.
  7. A massive third reason is most lawyers don't want to work with that trauma for the rest of their career, and live with it for the rest of their lives.
  8. This is based on my discussions with seasoned partners in the relevant niche area.
  9. If your aim is to be in government, it's a different calculus than private. Private firms seem to be more skeptical of policy roles, even in relevant subject matter. They prefer someone with an "interest" in the subject matter but who's picked up hard legal skills - even in a different subject.
  10. Do you have things showing interest in those areas otherwise? You're not a lost cause in any case, but that would help.
  11. Haha. So the fact that you knowing nothing about me but still having the nerve to make that bold of a claim just confirms you have an agenda and a closed mind. Good for others to be aware of that when reading your posts.
  12. Can you elaborate on your point? You've been all over the place, and since you want to convince law students of the horrors of bay street, it would be nice if you could condense it and argue it in one.
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