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  1. Something like 50-70 percent of the class ends up in big law in some city, unfortunately.
  2. "Exemplifies the bare minimum to pass"
  3. I disagree with this a lot. Tuition and rent should be the biggest consideration, because McGill compared to any local school will do fine for someone wanting to go back home - since they're from there. And McGill won't be looked at as a second rate school compared to any school. I made a conscious choice to do it in 3.5. I in fact had a really easy path to 3 but chose not to because I wanted to stay a student for longer. But it was entirely doable.
  4. Disagree. This is entirely doable if you're fine not working your 1L summer and take classes instead, and you overload with term papers instead of courses. OP I'm also a McGill grad working in Ontario. Here is my take. McGill places roughly 50 percent of Toronto OCI applicants into jobs. Most of these jobs are the bigger national firms, since fewer firms come to OCI at McGill than Osgoode. A 3.1 and above will be sufficient for some interviews and a job, assuming you interview well. Osgoode likely places more people who want to work in organized recruitment type firms in Toronto than McGill. This is usually caused by there being fewer OCI opportunities at McGill in general. But important to note here is that a tremendous number of mcgillians secure articles through the various 2L recruits (NY, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Ottawa, Clerkships, etc). So few end up applying to the articling recruit. And yes, this means people who would've preferred being in Toronto go elsewhere. I attribute this to a cause of students seeing classmates with their futures "set" and forgoing location for certainty. Furthermore, anecdotally, mcgillians seem to come from more corners of the country and abroad compared to Osgoode, who tends to have a heavy Toronto presence in its cohort. Debt is a very real thing. On the aggregate I think mcgillians who want Toronto jobs can get them as easily as Osgoodites. But we pay less tuition, rent, live in a more fun student city, and have access to cooler jobs abroad because McGill is much more internationally known than Osgoode.
  5. At my organization there's a set date our dockets for the last month needs to be in, so it's not an issue.
  6. I enter dockets on slow days, but I keep a less formal version of dockets in a word doc (the equivalent of my keeping time). Just because our software would take me 3 times as much time to keep track with as opposed to word doc. Slow days don't happen often enough, so I'm usually every couple/few weeks spending a couple hours or so doing them.
  7. I can't imagine how parents who have to home school their kids right now and work are keeping up.
  8. Let's just say I made a far bigger mistake in my application materials for a recruitment once. I still ended up with too many OCIs on call day. These things happen. Especially with a million applications and everything happening at once. During a pandemic no less. Just don't let it get to you.
  9. Most importantly, don't let this get into your head such that it impacts your interviews.
  10. My sleeping has been a mess which has led to a lack of focus and less productivity at work. You're definitely not alone. Be kind to yourself.
  11. I suspect OP will be successful largely because they have the business savvy to organize something like this.
  12. The OP is why I didn't go the consulting route while I was debt free, to instead pursue law and reach nearly 6 figures of debt 😂. To be fair he's better than most. But @BringBackCrunchBerries hit the nail on the head.
  13. Hey man, if we're talking about a specific kind of mushroom, and they're allowed to ingest some of their work product, then they're totally like always on break, dude.
  14. We probably disagree. I think it's entirely rational, but that there are other factors that people react rationally to. Power. Prestige. Image. Etc.
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