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  1. pzabbythesecond

    Chances [3.73, 158 + Master's]

    You can accept your spot and pay the deposit. You can still wait to hear from McGill. If McGill admits you you can withdraw your position (I mean read the fine print but that's what I remember) from school A and accept McGill. You just forego your deposit.
  2. pzabbythesecond

    Getting Married in Law School

    I'm with @providence. If "unity" is what you're both after, why not hyphenate both your names, taking the other's as the addition? Then if you have kids your kids can have that hyphenated name. That's what I'm planning anyway, if my wife to be would be up for it. I'll say Though this is a very personal decision, and I'm wary of the fact that you didn't ask about that. I'm sorry to say I can't answer what you actually did ask.
  3. pzabbythesecond

    Using LOC to pay off OSAP??

    This is what is typically advised. Always lower your interest if you can.
  4. pzabbythesecond

    Work hours in big law

    I gotta ask you guys, and other corporate lawyers. What's the drive in it for you? Is there a drive, beyond just a high paying job working with professional clients? What made you want to do that work as opposed to other types of law?
  5. pzabbythesecond

    Chances [3.73, 158 + Master's]

    You have an offer from a different law school already? And they're making you decide by when?
  6. pzabbythesecond

    Chances? Mediocre GPA [3.05, 3.48]

    You had a natural aptitude for the lsat. Some people do improve by putting in time (and studying properly). There's a point of diminishing returns, but 10h/week isn't necessarily it.
  7. pzabbythesecond

    Chances? Mediocre GPA [3.05, 3.48]

    I'm sorry to hear you thought law school was inaccessible to you because of your financial background. That's heart breaking. Is your CGPA 3.05 or 3.48? That's a big difference.
  8. pzabbythesecond

    Non-OCI Recruit - 2019 Toronto 2L Summer

    Seems... strange. I would assume they're at least done by 5pm tonight?
  9. pzabbythesecond

    Work hours in big law

    Yes definitely. I'm referring to students who want to work in the downtown core of one of the big 4 cities but at a small firm so they can get a cushy "9-5". It's just not happening (is what I say). Nice to see it confirmed. Thanks all.
  10. pzabbythesecond

    Work hours in big law

    It's obviously different where work structure isn't billable. But I'd hazard to guess you work similar hours to someone of your seniority in big law (just what percentage is "billable" vs not is different).
  11. pzabbythesecond

    Work hours in big law

    This is what I was getting at. Law students sometimes seem to think a small firm is their path to a decent living and 9-5, whereas big law is more pay for 9-12(am) life sacrifice. Neither seems accurate at all.
  12. pzabbythesecond

    Work hours in big law

    Law students sometimes imagine that working at a small/smaller shop = less hours most often than a big law firm. As far as I've understood it, that's really not true (again, in most cases). I'm just trying to confirm that with actual practitioners, as opposed to relying on my own hunches.
  13. pzabbythesecond

    Work hours in big law

    I absolutely don't want a 9-5. I would've worked at a bank out of undergrad and be a lot further ahead in life if I wanted that. My point is, a lot of students pretend there's this big chasm between big law and the rest - that big law is the automatic death of your life that isn't law, etc. And whether or not that's true I don't really care - what matters is that I haven't noticed a similar chasm of difference between say - big law students or criminal defence students or personal injury students, etc. It's harmful to pretend it's true (again, assuming it's not which it sounds like it's not) since it might dissuade students from opportunities they would like on the basis of false information.
  14. pzabbythesecond

    Work hours in big law

    Can someone actually lay out the differences between "big law" hours and otherwise? I've always been told law is a profession where you're very unlikely to find a 9-5, or if you can it'll be when you're well into your senior days. It's a bit frustrating because then everyone says you're going to get burned out and used and everything in big law. But speaking to practitioners, and reading on here, it seems the vast majority of lawyers - regardless of practice area and firm size - work a good 50-60 hour week (i.e an 8-6/7, with some extreme time periods thrown in there, and some leaner time periods). If this is true, who cares what the hours in big law are, if you're interested in doing that work? Shouldn't the answer for everyone then become to go into something which you enjoy devoting the vast majority of your life to? sorry, #frustratedlawstudentlookingforanswers
  15. pzabbythesecond

    Non-OCI Recruit - 2019 Toronto 2L Summer

    I must say, WF has been very unprofessional. I won't get into details for anonymity's sake, but by golly am I unimpressed.