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  1. Ford changed osap. You may have used the wrong calculator. I got around that number last year under Wynne's new program, which Dougie cancelled for this upcoming year. My estimate this year was about half of what I had last year per annum.
  2. There are probably actual statistics bearing out the average debt law students graduate with. But I think what I've said has been reasonable - that even on a program with a tuition rate of 20 thousand, and reasonable living situation which doesn't affect your law school performance, and frugal living costs otherwise, law students in Ontario are looking at a good 80-100k in debt, including summer earnings, bursaries, etc. People should decide with eyes wide open. If the person deciding is willing to live with 6 plus people, or living with the parents until they're in their mid to late 20s, then that's their choice. But they should make that choice willing to live with the consequences (bad roommates, landlord, both - stressful family relations because of an overlong stay, etc).
  3. Call OLSAS. Maybe call the admissions office now too.
  4. First off, tuition I said is around 20. It's more than that. Second off, you're forgetting that interest accrues while in law school on LOCs. That gets decently heavy per month in your upper years. Third off, I never assumed no work. But minimum wage is peanuts, and finding full time minimum wage work isn't always easy. So I said assume low pay during the summer (as in not the 1500 a week or whatever it is bay street summers make). Rent, even with roommates in Toronto will likely cost you 1000 a month at least. You can sacrifice your living and live in a bed bug infested, rodent infested hole in the wall in the north west or south east of Toronto, sure. But most law students dont do that. I don't think it's unreasonable for them to try and avoid that stress while trying to do well in law school. That's 36k in rent. So you're already at 96k, even assuming 20k tuition to account for school and government bursaries (I'm being extremely generous here). That doesn't take into account living costs like food, reasonable entertainment, transit, etc. As I said above it doesn't take into account interest while in school either. So you're well into 100-150 territory, and that's assuming extremely generous/lucky bursaries, which as I understand it most u of t and osgoode students don't get. There's your math. What I said about living at home had nothing to do with culture. You made it about that. I'll say something controversial and say that even notwithstanding culture, the students should look to move out at 24/25 (average law school entrance age). You're in your mid 20s by that point! You have access to capital. It's time to move out and fly, little bird.
  5. Contact both OSAP and the school and make it clear, in writing, that you wish to accept but you're not able to because it isn't letting you on the platform. Make sure the school knows this in advance.
  6. Living at home in your early through to your mid 20s is a tall order. Certainly not impossible if you're lucky enough to be able to do that, but I generally advise against students doing that. Move out. Learn to live on your own. Cook. Do laundry. Chores. Clean. Explore the city outside your family and childhood friends bubble. You can do all that while having roommates so you don't pay exuberant rent prices if you really feel a need to go to a Toronto school. 100-150k of debt, on tuition of 20k+ a year with living and rental costs over three years is easily possible. While summer earnings can mitigate that, summer jobs are in no way a guarantee (even 2L), and students shouldn't bank on significant summer income when assessing what school to go to. Plan for the worst and all that (within reason, obviously).
  7. Why would you assume this? Living at home in your mid 20s? That's not good for a young adult's development.
  8. I was at the median at my school and have consistently beat median when I cared to do so (including all of 1L). LSAT and Ugpa are imperfect predictors of law school success. It's just the best thing they have. Don't let fear of underperforming relative to your class before you even get a chance to compete scare you off. After all, once you all graduate you'll be competing anyway.
  9. This is a concern that should be on the minds of applicants, as it will make obtaining employment/articles easier - especially in certain areas of the law.
  10. You paid the deposit, only on a provisional acceptance, before you had to? If so, I'm not sure why you think you can get it back. That's the point of a deposit. You choosing to pay it before you had to doesn't change that fact.
  11. I'm almost done McGill and chose it over osgoode, and similarly wasn't interested in corporate law at the time. Feel free to PM. I'm really busy right now so it may take some time before I get back to you.
  12. Where one decision relies on a maybe as a certainty to making it a viable or even good decision, then it's better to go with the other one which offers certainty in viability. Hence go to UBC and don't hold out hope to get Oz tuition down to 12000 a year or less.
  13. If money isn't an issue (by virtue of privilege, or self sacrifice of living rent free with family for 2-3 years) and you're interested in social justice areas of the law which lean heavily to hiring candidates who have demonstrated and practical training in those areas. I'll let @BlockedQuebecois add more since he goes there, but that's how much I can infer based on what I know.
  14. That's really really strange. But okay, interesting to know.
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