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  1. Get them 100k/annum paying jobs without having to study.
  2. I also made a bunch of friends in upper years, and that helped me get out of the 1L bubble. Be wary of the recruitment buzz and anxiety going on right now though. I'm all for the suggestion of trying out new clubs, especially non law stuff. Intramurals can help you both get some exercise in and make non law friends, so I'd definitely recommend that. Hang in there! It gets better.
  3. Quebec has an articling term of 6 months. I live here and can safely vouch our legal system is no more on fire than Ontario's.
  4. Ask admissions, in an email, and tell your referees exactly what they say.
  5. That's about as accurate as me making equity partner at Paul Weiss in 2023.
  6. Your anonymity is your business but there are many people you don't know who work in this area/from that angle.
  7. Figured some people on here went to law school wanting to be an international law lawyer, and/or might be interested in international law stuff at this point in their career. So here's a thread devoted to those opportunities. I'll get the ball rolling: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/international-criminal-court---cour-p-nale-internationale_career-opportunities-associate-trial-lawyer-activity-6580061965945716736-2GeN
  8. Corporate law may not be your thing, Harvey.
  9. Doubt it. Useful comparators being the business school vs. Schulich. Even Ivy and Queens business school
  10. No one I know actually involved with this process has said that. Grades still play a role. But that role diminishes the further you go. That's what I've been told anyway. Others on here can confirm/deny.
  11. The students who excel, I.e medal or get the DL will probably do very well for themselves. Rest of the class will probably do as the bottom half of most law school classes do, find articling through non recruitment channels. That is until ryerson's admission standards rise because of the Toronto factor. That's speculation. But basing it off how Windsor currently does, it seems to make sense.
  12. Someone on here allegedly got rejected because (at least in part) of their writing portion on the LSAT. Assuming it's true, whether or not they get to see your score, you probably hurt your chances somewhat (at least) by not completing the test. Yes, the LSAT is 7 sections, one being the section which doesn't count, and one being the writing portion. You completed 6 sections. Out of your hands now I guess. You should however make sure your score is visible to CAD schools, because otherwise you're an auto reject if you don't have another score.
  13. Well, go in as confident as you always would. Why not even bother? Unless you have more interviews than slots, it doesn't really make sense.
  14. I'm familiar with the space. I named one example. What you listed illustrates the point - those are practice areas which impact climate change and the industries which impact it (positively or negatively). Climate change "law" isn't a legal practice. Tax law sometimes impacting climate change is.
  15. You seem to have a corporate background. That probably did it. How do you know you won't like tax?
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