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  1. I can't say I love it either but in a sense it's the most holistic way to decide every application on its own individual merits instead of pitting them against another application. I also prefer gin with my tonic.
  2. Windsor doesn't review everyone and then make decisions. They decide on each individual application as they review it. That has always been the case, unfortunately for us waiting.
  3. Edmond has a great practice exam that I highly recommend. You can write it a few times so if you split the costs with your friends, you can each take it once.
  4. Is the one day really going to sway you that much to make a provisional acceptance if you're waiting on other schools?
  5. I really pity them having to deal with me and school again tbh. 😂
  6. It means they haven't reviewed your application yet. We can hear any day up until the first day of classes, more or less. Sucks but be patient. I'm in the same boat.
  7. It doesn't mean anything other than the person who reviewed your application did so quickly and determined you were a waitlist candidate.
  8. There’s no official timeline. It’s whenever they get to your application.
  9. Predicting Windsor requires a seance but 143 is low. You’re going to need to pull that up. Everyone thinks their ECs and personal statement are great - myself included lol.
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