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  1. Feeling much better this cycle than I did five years ago! I haven't done any of the weird compulsive checking I did last time and even though I'm waiting on my LSAT score, I still feel calm? Proud of this growth lmao.
  2. Law clerks are definitely in higher demand and I would recommend that over being a paralegal honestly. Unless you have a specific desire to represent your own clients, in which case, being a paralegal gives you the ability to do so.
  3. It's very unlikely they will comment on a specific application, they're very tight-lipped about that. As long as OLSAS has all of your information, I would just sit and wait.
  4. Could be a few weeks, could be a lot longer. There isn't any consistency it seems.
  5. Finally referred to admissions today. And the waiting continues.
  6. I just wanted to say I'm in a similar boat! Stats aren't as high as yours but I also applied for Western and Ottawa because it didn't feel right only applying for one school. Windsor is my first choice though and I think I made it clear in my personal statement. Hope to see you there in the Fall!
  7. From my understanding, to qualify for paralegal licensing you have to graduate from a law society accredited paralegal program. You can find more info from the LSUC's website. http://www.lsuc.on.ca/licensingprocessparalegal/
  8. It's still fairly early in the admissions process and I've seen other people mention that Windsor processes things differently than the other schools that deal with OLSAS. I think we're still okay to wait it out. I figure if OLSAS and 2/3 schools have my info, then Windsor might just be a little slower at inputting it.
  9. Yeah it is incomplete. At least we aren't alone?
  10. I am still in the same boat. It says they're missing my reference letters which is odd. OLSAS has them and so do the other places I've applied.
  11. Same boat for me. Not writing the LSAT in December, still says incomplete.
  12. They can see both scores but your highest score is the determining factor. If your second score was substantially lower I can see that not being good for your application, but if it's within a few points I think it would at least show consistency. I wouldn't worry too much unless you were going from a 160 to a 140 or something.
  13. Mine still says it's missing/incomplete and in need of documents.
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