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  1. Wondering if timing of being waitlisted indicate any rank? (earlier notice meaning higher rank on the list?)
  2. so the adcom is currently sending offers(at least some of them) to those on the waitlist?
  3. got in queue as of march 5th. for comparison, I got in queue in nov 13th for last cycle with exactly same stat. (made it to waitlist but rejected )
  4. just wanted to add that I was rejected last year with exactly same stat.
  5. yes, got an email about an hour ago
  6. waitlisted as of today CGPA: 3.22 LSAT: 157 6 years of working experience in contract management for oil&gas project in Dubai (I applied as a mature student to other schools)
  7. I was very skeptical about getting a tutor or taking prep courses, but after scoring 157 on all three attempts, now I feel like its the only way to raise my score I was thinking about HarvardReady, but I still have this fundamental question that those course actually help you improve problem solving skills or just nothing more than giving you tons of problem sets to get you familiar with the question types and styles. Any comment/thought/recommendation would be appreciated!
  8. strange, I sent 3 emails to admission to follow up with my application status, but they never got back to me. strange.
  9. same, application received date changed to jan 28th. I am also applying for mature category.
  10. I applied to most of ontario schools with 157 LSAT(two attempts, 157 & 157) and giving a final shot on saturday. It will be nice and good if my score improves, but will it hurt my application if I score 157 or less?? I was continuously scoring 163~167 from prep tests but then #85 just gave me 156, and now I am panicking woo hoo~
  11. Last year I was on Ottawa's final waitlist with cGPA3.22 and 157 LSAT but not accepted. I forgot my ranking but it was close..
  12. mind if i ask you your lsat score and which school you are currently at?
  13. I just checked mine and it says Referred- Admissions Committee
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