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  1. lsat 155 gpa 4.05 index score 74.15 waitlisted at 57
  2. Just emailed me this morning saying they're working on getting it out by the end of the month but maybe even after that because they're a bit behind.
  3. I was wondering if anyones heard anything on when the waitlist is coming out? I emailed the school last week and havent heard back yet but I figured its because everythings closed bc of the virus.. do you guys think it'll delay everything? Been stressing out
  4. based on stats from other years, you have a pretty solid chance of getting accepted off the waitlist with a 75
  5. hey, I was wondering if they got back to you on that? I was also curious what they calculated my agpa to make sure its the same as what I got
  6. Lsat 151, cgpa 3.4 , l2 3.7 I'm retaking the lsat in november but honestly don't know how well i'll do. Which schools would I have a chance of getting into? Has anyone gotten accepted with these stats?
  7. weightlisted today cgpa- 3.44 last 2- 3.69 lsat 151 .......thought id get a rejection so i guess this is better? the not knowing is killing me
  8. plan to retake the lsat in january but do you think I still have any chance at windsor? I don't think they accept the january lsat score
  9. I wanted to get rid of my lsat books i have the powerscore trilogy, as well as a kaplan one a friend gave me with some writing in it. Also a few practice test booklets. Want to get rid of them after i write the july exam. I realize no one will want to buy the 2015 ed because they just buy the new ones but pretty much the same concepts.
  10. i have the 2015 editions of the bibles, as well as some practice test booklets. I'll sell all for 100$ I'm in london though so you might have to pick up
  11. Since I switched my program, most of my courses/credits are 1st and 2nd year with a few 3rd year courses and maybe 1 or 2 4th year. Would you recommend I take more 4th year courses?
  12. I am currently in an Honours specialization, but I was looking at the course outlines for the courses I will have to take next year and I know my grades will go down from them. Also I have no interest in most of the required courses. However with the major/minor module I have a little bit more freedom and will hopefully do better. Also since I transferred schools and switched programs, all of my classes are 2nd year (im in 3rd year) and next year most will probably be 3rd year courses. Do law schools care what level courses you are taking? Thanks.
  13. I want to drop one of my classes I am doing badly in, but then I'll only have 3 classes this semester which makes me a part time student. I plan on taking summer school so make up for the credits. Is this frowned upon? How will this affect my chances? thanks.
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