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  1. Lol, I meant to write anti-gluten.
  2. The problems, in terms of the city itself, that pursuant88 mentioned are also true.
  3. Well by culture I mean specifically extremely left politics, hippy, anti-science (anti-gmo, pro-gluten, pro-organic etc.), lack of diversity, etc. There is also lots of issues with inclusivity (if you dont conform or hold certain views, you are excluded).
  4. Being at UVic campus myself(undergrad), I would recommend UBC. Victoria is itself just a tougher place to live. Not as much diversity, opportunities, services etc. The culture also is a bit exclusive. Also, UBC and UVic are actually very similar in price. Rent and tuition is higher in Vancouver sure, but everything else in Victoria is much higher too (food, services, transportation,etc.) UVic is a fine university with some really good amenities and professors but the city and culture hold it back greatly.
  5. You should at least take a diagnostic and see where you are at. A year is more than just excessive. I think if someone actively needs to study for a year then that candidate is not qualified for law school regardless.
  6. Avatars are cool. They add a touch of personality to your profile and posts. NO reason not to have one.
  7. http://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/39485-transferring-offices-in-national-law-firms/ This might help though im sure Uriel will provide some good info as well.
  8. I think you are being rather close minded. You are assuming that these types of questions are not being asked and only questions of money are. There is much dialogue surrounding the topics you mentioned, even on this forum.
  9. You really had me going there for a moment.
  10. Its just not a feasible idea. Its hard to imagine you will have the time and that your employer would even allow you the time for the other opportunity. Like some have said, acting could be something that you might be able to do after you have gained some experience and have moved up the ladder.
  11. Ermm, I don't know about that one. There you get snow and sun. Here we get rain and rain.
  12. Tes1a? Are you talking about Tesla?
  13. The implication was that any major would allow you to develop writing and analysis skills...
  14. Why would someone who attends/attended laws school be better at giving advice, especially in comparison of multiple schools, than me? Its not like most students have attended multiple schools. Its research. You can read about it like me, or experience it like law students.
  15. Not at all early. OP There is a considerable difference between the two. Personally, as an undergraduate here, I would recommend UVic over TRU. Reputation, location, and generally opportunities are greater at UVic.
  16. something something low tuition = not enough maintenance of facilities something french is required something something civl law is bad
  17. Uvic just got a new gym, its good, can get busy at times. The new one is paid, there is also one that is more basic that is included under your basic athletic fees. Overall all the buildigs are well kept.
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