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  1. Anyways OP, if you work hard and get the 165+ I think you will be fine. Its not as bad as some make it seem. I suggest focusing on timing + drilling sections. Good luck.
  2. Its not OP's fault your GPA isn't comparable to theirs. No need to lash out.
  3. I go to UVic rn and I really don't want to live here for another three years: both because I want to have a different experience and also because I want to live in a bigger, more diverse city, hence why I prefer Toronto based schools. Queens is included because while it may not be a big city, its in proximity to Toronto (where I want to work) and other major cities.
  4. To add on, focus on your timing! Do strict timed sections and exams and make sure you are testing your timing strategy (for LR for example, I aim to do the first 10 questions in 9-10 mins).
  5. I did UBC, UofT, York, and Queens. Thinking of doing Dalhousie as a safety but don't know if I would live in halifax.
  6. The one thing I would repeat that someone mentioned earlier is character and word length limits. Here you have explained it and completely fleshed out the whole issue for us, however, I don't think you reasonably have that amount of space on your PS. Good luck!
  7. 164 seems with that gpa/ecs would for sure get you in.
  8. Exactly, if we're talking about the citizenry in one's country, as a whole, then sure impact in the upcoming future may not seem overwhelming. However, if, for example, you've been a fast food worker for 30 years, the prospect of automation is incredibly scary.
  9. Btw, its been discussed many times that the ratings on this site and others like it are quite arbitrary.
  10. How have you dealt with big weddings or events? I don't mean like a dinner or something but like your sisters wedding or your parents death, for example. I can't imagine being able to skip such a thing but from what I've read on this forum it seems like this could happen.
  11. Take a long break, atleast 4-5 days. Drink, chill, do not think about the LSAT at ALL.
  12. Or lets not do that. Yes people should be informed and know what they are getting themselves into but, "googling the nightmares" is prob a bad thing to do because of the simple fact that these are going to be the extreme cases. Its not like there are thousands of posts from people with avg jobs with avg satisfaction etc (which is prob most people). Even people that are really happy with their job and education are busy enjoying their life. Its the disgruntled people that need to vent that are more likely to post such "nightmares". Anyways, I do agree that people should think hard before they decide to take on such debt. Perhaps your wording/intentions could have been clearer.
  13. Also depends on where you start and where you want to finish. If you have a 140 diagnostic and want a 180, that will be hard without atleast 3 months of prep. However, if you have a 160-170 diagnostic and want a 180, you may only need a month or 2 to get there.
  14. What are your logic games like? If you are like -5 on those I would just focus on getting that down to -0 or -1 which should be doable before the test date and should get you there. Note: do continue to take pt's so you don't lose skills in other areas.
  15. Possible for a notice or disclaimer about this so that the user can remember/know to copy their post?
  16. Even more than the argument about trolls, deleting posts is harmful to other users. Privacy/security is surely important but when people delete posts, they delete things/information that might be relevant to someone down the line. This is especially important as this forum exists to help and support people.
  17. All I want to know is how this person, assuming they haven't been ghosting the site for seven years, remembered that they had an account on the site at all.
  18. This thread is a mess. Also, its been 10 days. OP has not replied. Disappointment.
  19. They are called extracuriculars for a reason. The athleticism at that level takes up a lot of time and seeing that combined with great grades basically shows the student can manage a stronge workload + stress.
  20. It's hard to put into words just how bad this idea is.
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