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  1. theres alot of time, why wouldn't you take it again?
  2. Rejected a couple of days ago cgpa 3.45, l2 3.65ish, lsat 161
  3. The quality control issues were surely there in the first couple of years but theyre largely completed now. And I mean its not really relevant if apple has locations everywhere if the entire laptop is completely useless due to a few specs of dust in the laptop (its a huge issue rn) - would argue apples having much bigger quality control issues rn. And MS's location situation isnt really a big deal since they ship replacements through mail but i get why itd be an issue for some. And I dont agree that it doesnt work as a laptop replacement, for me atleast its been incredible - being able to use it as a laptop and tablet has been lifechanging. And I dont ever really use it in my lap so wouldnt know. I also dont think the pen is a big selling point and I dont use it really. I havent really had any issues with heat so cant comment there. Also the price is pretty comparable to macbooks - im not talking about surfacebooks but surface pros. But yea op, I still def recommend it. You can always try it and return if you dont like.
  4. The recent macbooks have been absolutely rife with issues (ie 2017, the 2015 has some issues but is better). Anyways, I would go windows and would recommend a surface pro. You may worry about the form factor but its great all around. Maybe wait for the new one to come out but its the route i would go.
  5. My stats are almost identical to yours. Wondering if you applied general or access and what your ec's and references were like?
  6. I'm an 0L but I was just curious if these 1st year salary bumps also mean 2nd year, etc. bumps?
  7. Man the waiting is getting to be so unbearable. Obsessively checking solid, email, and olsas twice a day.
  8. Probably in their junk/spam folder.
  9. For a website with an audience of law applicants and students and lawyers, people seem to find a lot of time for debate on here.
  10. Imo diagnostic tests dont mean much. Begin to read the books and then take another one in a couple of weeks and see where you are at.
  11. I imagine it would be difficult for me to get there beforehand. Im in vancouver/victoria and it will be costly + I am doing a couple courses in the summer to finish my degree. I think the more pictures and facetime thing would help for sure. I might try and get out there if I am accepted before summer classes, that could be a good option both for looking at apartments and moving some of my stuff down.
  12. Anyone want to chime in regards to housing and admission later into the cycle? Im waiting on feb lsat and am wondering what people that were admitted later in the cycle did? Also what about people that were in a different city/couldnt check out the places in person? Thanks
  13. You can also just block the domain in your email client
  14. So was this the second wave already?/When is the third wave excepted?
  15. Does two members constitute a group? Just kidding
  16. You want to live and practice in Calgary, go to U of C.
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