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  1. A D is not a B+, thats why people reacted the way they did. But dw, Im in the same boat, chronically thinking and rethinking every step of this process. Honestly your stats are too good to be worrying rn. Like srsly, you're prob in everywhere you applied. Even if you're not, you already have offers from some great schools.
  2. think they got the point the first time mate
  3. I definitely thought this too but ive seen some interesting reactions when someone brings up race in a thread so decided to not go through that headache
  4. Did u watch the video? There was literally only two instances where Hunt was in physical contact with the woman during the clip. First was him shoving her and them getting into it with each other for a moment. The second was Hunt pushing a dude who as a result pushed the woman to the ground. I dont know what punishment this deserves but a suspension is atleast appropriate because although not much happened, it was clear he was riled up and intended to cause some harm. Comparing Rice to Hunt just seems so ludicrous to me. Rice literally beat her to a pulp. We really shouldn't be comparing the two imo. I honestly think the outcome/controversy was amplified so much because of TMZ's terrible, hyperbolic title.
  5. Damn I was under the impression vacancy rate is p decent judging by some threads here
  6. Judging by their other posts, it looks like they did.
  7. It isnt but you can email them in like a month and ask for it.
  8. A question for all accepted, what is the deadline for accepting?
  9. No, I am reapplying this year with a better LSAT and L2.
  10. Solus is right and I'm not really sure that an 84 is that much better than an 80 anyway.
  11. Im so confused. The average gpa is 3.36 and lsat is 158. OP has basically no chance of not getting in...
  12. just wondering why you cant take a taxi? seems it would be helpful both ways
  13. I applied last year with nearly identical stats to Queens (same gpa and l2 but 161) and i didnt get in.
  14. Know that this is probably not accurate at all but for fun: 1. U of T (Under Mature Category): 75 % rejected. 2. Osgoode: 50% accepted or 50% rejected probably? 3. Western (Under Access Category): 75% accepted. 4. Queens (Under Access Category): 60% accepted 5. Ottawa (Under Access Category): 75% accepted. 6. Windsor: eh windsor is tough because of their 7 category criteria. 7. Lakehead (Under Access Category):accepted.
  15. theres alot of time, why wouldn't you take it again?
  16. Rejected a couple of days ago cgpa 3.45, l2 3.65ish, lsat 161
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