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  1. Oh I must have missed that. Prob around 75%
  2. How? Ottawa favors cgpa quite a bit and it doesnt look like a 3.4 is competitive enough for op's chances to be 80%. Windsor unknown (they are very holistic, looking at 7 factors) Osgoode very slim chance UofT no Queens 70% Ottawa 50%
  3. The point was that for Queens, it isnt true that cgpa beats l2/b2. Queens is a b2 school, as the link shows. So, example 1 is more competitive than example 2.
  4. Note that it seems´╗┐ like some schools put your file aside if your doing a retake meaning´╗┐ that for that time you arent really being considered (obv unless your stats already immediately merit it). So you might miss a full round of offers if you retake. Right now, Id say you are 90% in at Western, 50% at Queen's, and 25% at Ottawa. Even if you get a really high score, your odds at Ottawa are low.
  5. Theyre prob waiting until Nov lsat marks. Also lots of schools havent sent out first rounds yet, dw.
  6. Ottawa 80%. Queens prob in because of your b2. Lsat too low for rest.
  7. Idunno it seems like some schools put your file aside if your doing a retake meaning that for that time you arent really being considered (obv unless your stats already immediately merit it). Op really has given little information to help tho. Whats your /4 or /4.33 gpa? Where are you applying? What was your lsat percentile? Whats your gpa WITH DROPS? @AlpacaWhisperer
  8. my only tip is review! its more important than any other single factor. review is: 1. blind review 2. identifying not only what questions you got wrong and why but also those that you were iffy on and could have gotten wrong 3. taking notes of this review and which type of questions you got wrong and coming back to them! that can be drilling, looking up the question type in your lsat book of your choice (i recommend the trainer + a set of powerscore, etc.), or remembering these question types during pts and remembering your learned point of attack.
  9. Fair enough, that seems like a reasonable approach.
  10. Yea true but hearing horrors of the 99 bus over the years makes me very reluctant to stay off campus. Do you know any private apartments aside from axis on campus?
  11. Oh ok good to know. I think it must have just changed for me a couple days ago, thought it might mean something
  12. Noticed many threads get locked when things get heated such as: https://lawstudents.ca/forums/topic/56686-am-i-missing-out-on-anything-by-not-attending-u-of-t/?page=5&tab=comments#comment-770657. Its even worse in the off-topic discussion section where politics etc threads are regularly locked. I was wondering what mods would think about suspending these threads for a couple of days (to cool down) instead of closing them forever. I dont have any examples on hand but theres been threads that, in the past, i would be reading and finding useful but then a couple users arguing would result in the thread being closed.
  13. I was hoping to apply after I (hopefully) get in for fall 2019 for a studio/1 bedroom
  14. I havent gone through the process but from others here, it seems some people dont haggle although it is important. Look at this posters deal: Maybe find others on here that may be better and go to your bank with it and ask them to match it. Also, get a free equifax credit report to see where you are at: https://www.consumer.equifax.ca/personal/education/credit-report/how-to-get-a-free-credit-report/
  15. Take taggers advive, retake it. Your cgpa is too good for you not to retake it and get into a top school. Rn your index is 90.94, auto-admit is 92 so quite difficult rn for you. But, 157 = 91.34, 158 = 91.504, 160/161 = ~92. Only issue is that Jan marks come in late and you will be fighting for a spot. But if you can get at least 160, you should be in.
  16. I might be going crazy but is this a new status in beartracks? I recall it being referred for review or just pending, or maybe that was just another school that I applied. Anyone here have this status now?
  17. Hey wanted to ask about Marine Drive. Currently only year round contracts are available, was this case with you? Also what did you do the summers where you worked/summered.
  18. Question for both of you as my stats are similar, did u guys apply normal or discretionary and also is your gpa with drops?
  19. Idunno if anyone had said this but @mandy555, despite your lsat, you still have a really good chance of getting in.
  20. Just a tip, the vacancy rate in vic is very low (literally 0.something) so look for housing early and i mean atleast april or even feb or march. There are new apartment buildings downtown that i would look into (but commute is longer ~20-25 mins bus). Otherwise there are lots of nearby houses and basements and apartments on bus routes (but make sure to be close to the 26, 14 or 15 buses). Good luck!
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