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  1. https://www.facebook.com/groups/2803691536315090/
  2. They've created the facebook group btw: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2803691536315090/
  3. Very excited to post! Accepted today cGPA: 3.5 L2: ~3.6 (Dont really know, depends on how its calculated. Could be 3.5-3.7) LSAT: 167
  4. 157 is competitive. https://law.queensu.ca/admissions/jd/admissions-process/first-year/admission-categories Op you are in 100%.
  5. Your in at all l2 schools imo and possibly not worth taking lsat again in case you do worse (might look strange). Just explain it in your ps.
  6. Its for next year when you are admitted and attending. Its confusing for sure tho!
  7. Mine got updated. Where does it say its missing? Cause mine doesnt show up under test scores but i called and they said they do have it.
  8. This is really not true. If you have some link to this information you are spreading then please link it. As I already said, it seems to be that you are confusing third year applicants and fourth year applicants.
  9. No this is also not true. Yes it would be harder to be admitted with 3rd year applicant but that is not what this is about. There are three types of applicants: 3rd years, 4th/xyears completing degrees later that year, and those with degrees completed. There is no university that I've seen that distinguishes between the latter two. You are mixing up the 4th and 3rd year applicants.
  10. https://law.queensu.ca/programs/jd/class-stats It's been like that for a while I think.
  11. Did you get a phone call, email or through uozone?
  12. I think if you think of a dalhouse law degree for Toronto vs uvic law for Vancouver, uvic is favored. Obviously there is less competition for Vancouver but it's something to consider depending on what op want to do. For me personally I would go to uvic and this is despite the fact that I don't want to stay in Vic since I did my undergrad there (just want some variety and new experiences...the city and university itself is a great place to live in for 3-4 years). My concerns with Dalhousie are mainly to do with living in a more isolated place, fragmented/non-campusy campus?, and less opportunities in Vancouver and Toronto (I want the option to do big law in these cities and I think I would have similar chances to go to Toronto from both - tho if anyone knows different, would love to hear their opinions on this). Other than that, there's some soft factors for my reasoning: weather is much milder, high restaurants per capita, large and beautiful campus close to the ocean, relatively congested so easier to get from one place to the other (dt to uvic is like ~20 min bus ride with walking and biking options all around the city), and diversity (this is actually a big factor for me and probably why even uvic won't be my destination although it's better than halifax. It's just not enough, especially as a poc).
  13. This is what one user here got. Get them to match or go to scotiabank!
  14. You have a great b2 but your lsat could really hurt you. Right now Id say you prob have a chance off the waitlist or later in the year. If you retake and get ~160 you are guaranteed in imo.
  15. Look at what others have got here with scotiabank. Really should be prime and other perks.
  16. Thats not true at all. Im not sure theres any law schools in Canada that wont consider a 3rd year applicant tho they may limit the amount they admit. And most schools have already sent their first rounds and not only to people with completed degrees. Most of these have deadlines of like jan so they def could lose people that put down deposits.
  17. This is so wack. Why would they even do this? Probably gonna lose students to other schools in that time frame...
  18. I really dont think you need to retake. You are just below the average b2 and lsat for queens. Think you will get in in the second round. https://law.queensu.ca/programs/jd/class-stats
  19. I assume you will still have paper to work on your diagrams. This is just for filling in answers.
  20. This is awesome. Hopefully this means same-day scoring like the GRE.
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